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Digital Intake for Patient Hubs

Firstsource’s Digital Intake Solution harnesses our experience in processing more than 3 billion pages, 350+ sort types, and 180 million claims data capture. It combines our proprietary digital intake and data capture platform Sympraxis® with intelligent process mining, industry-leading automation tools, and real-time dashboards to drive three critical objectives.

The impact of patient financial experience on hospital profitability

As rising deductibles and co-pays turn patients into payers, financial interactions must be part of the patient experience equation. The financial aspect of care should not be put aside, as it is an essential component of a positive patient experience. Navigating the healthcare financial maze can create unnecessary confusion and

Behind the hype: does citizen development really work?

I’ve just finished reading Genius Makers by New York Times technology writer Cade Metz. There’s no shortage of books on AI out there, but what I enjoyed about this one was its focus on the researchers who are shaping the future. The people behind the technology. People are the secret

Visual IVR and Conversational AI: Game changers for healthcare contact centers

The global health crisis continues to change the way patients engage with healthcare organizations. It’s more important now than ever to consider the impact that improved patient experience can have on the bottom line. Traditionally, organizations have viewed the member experience as being limited to the clinical encounter. They are

Mortgage lender improves process efficiency by ~30% and elevates customer experience

Key Requirements Re-engineer loan origination processes at the height of a mortgage boom and streamline inefficient lending processes. Itemize elements of the current loan origination process, identify new technology and business processes, and create an orderly plan for modernization. Prepare the client to internalize the technology and assume control of

3 ways to prioritize pre-service through digital patient engagement

Patient out-of-pocket costs have been trending upward for several years now. High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) account for a whopping 51% of the US workforce today. Now throw the global health crisis into the mix. A year after the initial outbreak, unemployment levels remain stubbornly elevated and one in four adults

Three Pillars of Successful Debt Collection

Traditional debt collection practices do not provide as much insight and use manual processes that are prone to create risk and result in errors. This results in substandard collection yields and higher costs. In addition, the regulatory environment is complex and ever-changing; new rules from The Bureau of Consumer Financial

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