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How to address CFPB Regulation F compliance: A step-by-step guide

Debt sucks people in like a black hole. The pull to spend more money is strong, the debt spirals, and it’s difficult to break free. Also, it’s hard on everyone — the person who owes the debt, and the person who services the debt. Nobody likes getting a call from

How business intelligence can mitigate effects of uncompensated care

Every day we see and hear heartbreaking stories from around the world about the pandemic pressing front-line hospital staff to the brink. Much less visible are the hospital staff on the backend working tirelessly to keep hospitals afloat financially. Hospitals are under an extraordinary amount of financial strain. Even before

Why flexibility is the future of debt collection

“Flexibility is the key to stability”. These wise words from legendary coach John Wooden are as relevant to business as they are to basketball. And, in our changing times, successful debt collection will depend on a collector’s ability to flex their approach to engage and empower consumers while also embracing

BPaaS for Healthcare Providers: What’s not to love?

The move to value-based healthcare, growing healthcare consumerism, evolving regulations, and now, covid. These pressures combined with thinning margins are forcing Healthcare Providers to evaluate different game plans to enhance the patient experience and drive revenue growth. One strategy many organizations are increasingly turning to leverage Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). Healthcare

The debt reset: Why it’s time to disrupt debt collection with kindness

I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness recently. The pandemic exposed the inequalities in our society. It also reminded us of what it means to be human—to be vulnerable.  During the darkest hours, we were surrounded by stories of people who’d gone out of their way, perhaps risked their own

AI-enabled process mining: The key to winning in the experience economy

In today’s experience economy, customer experience (CX) is the biggest differentiator. The payoffs for delivering a great experience are tangible – from customer willingness to pay a premium to increased loyalty. For businesses, every experience offers an opportunity to create value – for customers as well as the organization. Regardless

Intelligent Automation for mortgage companies

Mortgage companies are under pressure on multiple fronts – from tackling increasing loan volumes to growing consumer expectations for rapid, personalized support. Meeting these requirements demands flexible, agile, scalable operations – one that reimagines processes from front-end customer experiences to back-end operations. While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – automating simple,

Let’s re-write the story of debt collection

Before Les Misérables was a musical, it was a great big novel by French literary giant Victor Hugo. When he wasn’t busy writing, Hugo was a prolific social commentator and campaigner. For him, debt and dignity were inextricably linked. Much of the plot of ‘Les Mis’ is driven by the

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