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Separating Core vs. Surround – Part 1
Factors for Success in EdTech

The EdTech industry is still in its developmental phase with significant growth potential over the next five years in a post-pandemic economy. One of the key imperatives for student lifecycle management is to isolate the capabilities that are core to their businesses from the execution oriented surrounding activities that are better performed by partners specializing in them.

This white paper provides insights into:

  • Evolution of EdTech industry
  • 5 stages of sandboxing to achieve true transformational digital maturity
  • Four critical goals to improving student journey performance
  • Six business KPIs to retain market leadership and enhance student learning experiences

As the EdTech industry moves to the next phase of its evolution, leading players will need to adapt to changing realities of the business with integrated learning experiences.

Be future ready. Simplify the how.

In part 2 of Core vs Surround, discover The Way forward for EdTech. READ HERE

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