Government Entities

Rethink citizen engagement

Design digital experiences to simplify access and build trust

Simplify citizen experience, create defining moments

Today’s tech-savvy citizens accustomed to customer-centric experiences offered by the likes of Amazon and Apple expect similar experiences everywhere – including interactions with the government. Building a holistic view of the customer journey and offering contextualized experiences across channels will be key to delivering the moments that matter and delighting customers.

Stay ahead with Firstsource. Boost customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention rates with our Digitally-Empowered Contact Centre (DECC) backed by Intelligent Automation (IA) and cloud-based platforms.

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Anytime, anywhere workforce

With Firstsource’s distributed operating model, you can tap into associates anywhere in the world using cloud-based platforms and services. Access to on-demand support translates to greater agility and scalability for your business, enabling you to easily meet evolving customer requirements.

Omnichannel engagement

Use customer journey mapping and advanced analytics to empower your associates to efficiently and quickly resolve citizen requests across channels. Meet customers where they are and personalize interactions, elevating customer experience and satisfaction.

Human-machine partnership

Augment human capabilities with a ‘Digital first’ ecosystem. Human conversations become more efficient and meaningful with bots picking up mundane, repetitive tasks, informing associates and making insightful recommendations.

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Leading UK-based utility leverages outsourcing to transform sales performance

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