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Eligibility & Enrollment Services

Verify eligibility in real time, reduce uncompensated care

Maximize reimbursement, increase cash flow and reduce bad debt

Full-service digitally enabled revenue cycle solutions

Connect with your underinsured and uninsured patients both – before and at the point of care to – increase front end efficiency and patient cooperation. Tap into our eligibility and enrolment services on the cloud, powered by intelligent workflow, automation and machine learning, to integrate real-time enrollment and eligibility verification into your workflow.
Identify and verify commercial insurance
Confirm and check for Medicaid eligibility
Identify patients with Medicaid qualifiers
Determine patient status in real time
Gather patient eligibility documents via mobile app

Eligibility & Enrollment Solution on Cloud

Our Eligibility and Enrolment services are now cloud enabled to help you across four key steps of engaging with patients when it comes to their insurance coverage. Explore further by clicking the tiles.

Insurance Discovery

Combine innovative technology with the human touch to explore every coverage option and Payer source for patients.

Financial Assistance Screening

Help uninsured and underinsured navigate government and charity programs. Simplify and accelerate the financial assistance process with digitized screening.

Finance Assistance Enrollment

Identify and support patients through digitally enabled financial assistance screening and enrollment processes to achieve higher conversion rates.

Digital Document Submission

Accelerate outreach and electronically gather supporting documentation to fast-track processing.

Outcomes delivered

care costs

self – pay

bad debt

net return

Mt. Carmel health achieves significant ROI within 3 years of deploying digitally enabled Eligibility & Enrollment Services


Patient cooperation can drop by 33% once they leave your facility*. Our automated screening tool MFocussm helps you collect and validate eligibility information in real time – regardless of whether they are inpatient, outpatient or Emergency – driving higher patient cooperation and revenues.

Mt. Carmel health achieves significant ROI within 3 years of deploying MFocusSM

MFocus℠​ is designed with both your patients and you in mind

MFocus℠ ensures your patients are aware of their financial responsibilities in a professional and friendly manner, while simultaneously converting otherwise lost dollars from self pay accounts to revenue.
The solution integrates both internal and external systems with mobile app based patient engagement strategies and skilled personnel. Real-time exchange and visibility of data underpinned by intelligent automation delivers efficiency and accuracy in communication and decision-making.

The impact of patient financial experience on hospital profitability

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