Platform, Automation and Analytics

Modernize processes, unlock business insights, elevate customer experience

Transformative digital solutions for next-gen operations​

Intelligent, purpose-built solutions for transformative outcomes

General purpose technology solutions require customization to integrate with existing workflows, requiring heavy investments in time and money. Purpose-built solutions, on the other hand, combine domain-specific workflows with automation, AI, ML and analytics to accelerate deployment, time-to-market and user adoption.
Firstsource’s platforms, automation and analytics solutions infuse intelligence into your end-to-end processes to synthesize both structured and unstructured data, delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency, quality, speed and customer experience.

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Platform-based solutions​

Looking to drive agility, flexibility, and scale while keeping costs down? Our intelligent platforms are built for the purpose. They are designed to orchestrate seamless business processes and deliver mobile-first, cloud-based services. The result: exponential efficiencies and exceptional customer experience. ​

Intelligent Automation​

Moving to more mature levels of automation is crucial to realizing greater value. Fuse automation with Artificial Intelligence to synthesize vast amounts of structured and unstructured data across the enterprise. ​


Replace bias with data-driven customer insights to enhance operations as well as customer experience. Stay ahead with our analytics solutions across vertical – BFS, Healthcare, Insurance and Telecom & Media.​​

Global clients
Trusted by  FTSE 100
and Fortune 500 companies          
26,000+ people
across 42 delivery centers

Change the game with citizen development

Digital transformation is not about everyone becoming a tech genius, it’s about demystifying technology and creating a digital-first mindset where people embrace bots to free them up for the work that really matters: delighting clients
Automation League changes the rules of the game. When people develop their own problem-solving bots, the bots get used because they work, not because they’ve been told to use them. They are also shared more often across teams, improving productivity, morale, and retention.

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2 Billion

back office transactions

3.1 Million

web chats

3.7 Million

email responses

200 Million

customer interactions

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Top UK bank stays ahead of omni-channel demands with customer intelligence

A major UK bank reduces monthly risk exposure by £3.5m with a digital-first solution

Digital Enterprise Landscape

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Results delivered

~$7.2 Bn
uncompensated care cost reduced
~$1.4 Bn
additional cash generated for hospitals
~$2.5 Bn
worth claims adjudicated
~$6 Bn
of invoice financing assets managed
~$3.8 Bn
size of collections book managed
~$60 Bn
mortgage loans funded

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