Intelligent Automation for Health Plans: The perfect antidote for post-pandemic challenges

March 3, 2021

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Even as the global pandemic continues to reshape the healthcare landscape, the goal for Health Plans remains unaltered – to provide the best possible member experience and healthcare outcomes under the most dynamic circumstances. Achieving this goal requires Health Plans to build agility and flexibility into their systems and shift to a proactive mode of anticipating and tackling challenges.

COVID-19 is complicating existing industry challenges in unprecedented ways – from increased margin and cost pressures to complexity around claims coding, billing, and adjudication and increasing worker shortages. Simultaneously, the growing adoption of remote services like telehealth and remote patient monitoring is further pushing the growth of value-based care. Evolving regulatory mandates – such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that require Health Plans to standardize data exchange by 2022 and implement APIs for patient-data sharing by early 2021 – pose an additional burden

This white paper highlights the challenges confronting Health Plans in the post-COVID era and how Intelligent Automation can create sustainable efficiencies and value to drive competitive advantage in the new normal

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