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Deepen patient engagement, drive revenue excellence

Full-service Healthcare Provider solutions to maximize Net Patient Service Revenue, increase reimbursement and reduce bad debt

A digital-first approach coupled with the human touch

Healthcare systems plagued with data extractions challenges, arduous implementation meetings, burdened IT resources, and long-involved contractual negotiations, are a thing of the past.

Introducing Firstsource Healthcare Cloud, a new, innovative platform in Revenue Cycle Management.

Our integrated Healthcare Cloud solutions span the end-to-end patient financial engagement value chain – Pre-Service, Eligibility& Enrollment, and Receivables Management. The cloud offers Healthcare Providers the flexibility to either deploy the end-to-end solution or choose certain components based on their specific requirements.

These Cloud-native Healthcare Provider services are built to compliment your existing infrastructure and provide patients with a superior user experience. Combining our rich domain experience with intelligent automation we’ve found the proper balance between bot technology and digitally enabled contact center support.

The Cloud-first delivery model optimizes productivity and scalability with turnkey solutions powered by our comprehensive and in-depth cloud platform. Enhance your teams’ collaboration in simplifying the patient experience, while continuously improving healthcare operations to eliminate revenue leakage, streamline care delivery, and focus on activities that improve patient health.

Unlock the power of digital: Explore our offerings

Transform patient onboarding into a stable, reliable operation by integrating Patient Advocacy, Registration and Revenue Cycle Management into an accurate and unified process. Our pre-service solution leverages automated workflows, training, and on-site expertise to ensure comprehensive patient onboarding and financial engagement.
Connecting and engaging with your uninsured and underinsured patients both before and at the point of care is the key to reducing workload and increasing cash flows. Improve your front end efficiency and increase patient cooperation with our top rated Eligibility and Enrollment Services.

Ranked #1 in Eligibility Enrollment Services by Best in KLAS

As value-based and bundled payments fuel complexity in receivables management, how do you keep your patients from being lost in the shuffle? Leverage our Accounts receivables solutions to drive empathetic financial operations using data-driven insights and efficient workflows.
Embrace a data-driven approach to non-clinical operations to drive efficiency, scale and revenue excellence. Our complete hospital business office outsourcing solution streamlines your end-to-end revenue cycle operations for superior revenue integrity and compliance.

With patient out-of-pocket costs skyrocketing, hospitals struggle to get reimbursed for their services. Through, One Advantage – a Firstsource company, we offer targeted healthcare collections strategies underpinned by AI and analytics, to maximize revenue generation while ensuring a positive patient experience.​

Take a strategic approach to denials management by focusing on the front-end of the revenue cycle. Harness our workflow platform grounded in analytics to proactively address denials at their source and protect your bottom line.
Maximize ROI on your RCM technology investments. Our experts offer end-to-end support – from helping you identify the right-fit Patient Access automation opportunities to redesigning and implementing workflows and providing ongoing support.

Firstsource Solutions announces Sohit Brahmawar as President & Chief Operating Officer


Pivot to Intelligent Automation

The pandemic is further straining healthcare provider systems already under pressure from exploding administrative costs, growing staff burnout, and evolving patient expectations. It’s time to challenge the status-quo with Intelligent Automation. Intelligent Automation marries Process mining with Visual Dashboards, Predictive Analytics, AI & ML to drive enterprise-wide process transformation, innovation and growth.

“It’s really been a great experience for us. We continue to improve our cash position while better serving our community.”

Jeffrey Ellerbrock,
Vice President, Patient Business. Services,
Mount Carmel Health System

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