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Paying for healthcare is one of the most critical financial decisions that people make, often without knowing the cost of service or how they will pay for it. Our full service revenue cycle solutions spanning eligibility, enrollment, business office management and recovery blend technology with the human touch, simplifying the financial experience for your patients and your employees. The result: a stronger financial foundation for your hospital and peace of mind for your patients.

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Connecting and engaging with your uninsured and underinsured patients both before and at the point of care is the key to reducing workload and increasing cash flows. Improve your front end efficiency and increase patient cooperation with our top rated Eligibility and Enrollment Services.

As value-based and bundled payments fuel complexity in receivables management, how do you keep your patients from being lost in the shuffle? Leverage our Accounts receivables solutions to drive empathetic financial operations using data-driven insights and efficient workflows. ​

With patient out-of-pocket costs skyrocketing, hospitals struggle to get reimbursed for their services. Through, One Advantage – a Firstsource company, we offer targeted collections strategies underpinned by AI and analytics, to maximize revenue generation while ensuring a positive patient experience.​

Embrace a data-driven approach to non-clinical operations to drive revenue excellence. Firstsource’s proprietary solution MBOS combines our state-of-the-art Eligibility Services with our Accounts Receivable Services, empowering your end-to-end revenue cycle operations.

Pivot to Intelligent Automation

The pandemic is further straining healthcare provider systems already under pressure from exploding administrative costs, growing staff burnout, and evolving patient expectations. It’s time to challenge the status-quo with Intelligent Automation. Intelligent Automation marries Process mining with Visual Dashboards, Predictive Analytics, AI & ML to drive enterprise-wide process transformation, innovation and growth.

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Digital solutions that provide business continuity for hospital RCM during the pandemic and beyond

Increase cash on hand and shift the focus of your team and resources from survival to growth with MPrevent.

David Ressler, CEO, Aspen Valley Hospital shares his experience of outsourcing their business office.

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