Firstsource Healthcare Cloud: Insurance Verification

Verify insurance coverage in real time

Reduce denials and protect revenue

Electronically confirm payer coverage and benefits

Nearly 50% of patients say that a clear estimate of financial responsibility will impact whether they will see a particular Provider or not, and 70% of patients are more likely to pay if they receive an estimate on the day of service.

Firstsource’s Healthcare Cloud: Insurance Verification Services enable real-time or batch verification, claim status monitoring and fraud mitigation. The solution checks the status of your patient’s deductibles and co-pays based on their coverage –  across the billing process – from scheduling and pre-registration to registration and discharge.

With robust features such as real-time processing, HIS integration and 24/7 support, the solution seamlessly integrates with your EHR and EMR systems for enhanced decision making and superior financial outcomes.

Uses exception-based error detection to identify costly errors early on and reduce rework and front-end related denials

Reduces upfront denials using patient address validation, patient identity and insurance verification

Complies with price transparency regulations and improves patient satisfaction with accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates

Outcomes delivered