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Improve patient satisfaction and financial metrics across the board

Seamless integration, flexibility and customization

Patients increasingly expect price transparency and a seamless financial experience with hospitals – from scheduling appointments to paying bills. Nearly 50% of patients say that a clear estimate of financial responsibility will impact whether or not they will see a particular Provider while 70% of patients are more likely to pay if they receive an estimate on the day of the service. Offering a seamless, consistent experience during pre-service interactions along with personalized, affordable payment options is therefore a top priority for Providers.

Our proprietary Pre-Service solutions enables hospitals to integrate key functions — from Pre-registration and bill estimation to payment planning and billing — into a unified workflow, creating a patient-friendly registration and financial experience. It standardizes the registration process at the pre-access stage, delivers patient-specific financial guidance, and optimizes ongoing process improvements through analytics. What’s more, it integrates with all EHR/EMR systems to support the most complex operational demands.

Providers can choose to augment the full technology stack with a training and certification program, onsite support and process oversight to maximize results, accelerate integration, and transform the disparate components of the overall patient financial experience.

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Patient Access Intelligence

Leverages intelligent patient access workflows to increase speed-to-care and collections at pre-service and time of service, reduce no-shows and cancellations, and decrease the time spent at registration upon arrival.

Registration Quality Assurance (RQA)

Uses exception-based error detection to reduce rework and front-end related denials by identifying costly errors early on.

Patient Data Validation

Reduces upfront denials using patient address validation, patient identity and insurance verification.

Costs of Care Identification and Payer Compliance

Improves patient payment collections before service. Reduces denials by ensuring that the care being sought passes the payer’s requirements for medical necessity.

Price Transparency

Complies with price transparency regulations. Increases pre-service revenue. Improves patient satisfaction with accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates (95% accuracy or greater, on average).

Patient Assessment

Creates a simple scoring system to identify personalized payment plans for each patient. It builds a workflow that identifies the level of financial clearance for each patient, enabling the fastest path to care upon arrival.

Prior Authorization Management

Harnesses automation to create priority workflows, submit and retrieve results. Increases staff productivity by up to 65%. Decreases time to denials by 50%. Accelerates time to authorization and improves patient satisfaction.

Provider Payment

Enables patients to pay their bills online and Provider staff to collect and process payments.

Speed patients through the financial journey


No-Stop – patients are fully pre-registered and cleared directly to the clinical location.


Quick-Stop – patients are pre-registered but elect to pay in person


Full-Stop – patients are unable or unwilling to participate and use a traditional registration and payment system at the point of service

Pre-service solutions on the cloud

Insurance Verification

Reduce denials and improve Point of Service (POS) collections through real-time insights into co-pays, deductibles, and other relevant data.

Prior Authorization Services

Turbo charge revenue cycle processes and improve patient experience

Patient Pre-Registration

Enable patients to complete the registration of pre-scheduled services when and where it’s convenient for them using web-based self-service platform.

Outcomes delivered

increase in point-of-service cash collections in six months from go-live

reduction in no-show and cancellation rates

personalized bill estimate accuracy

decrease in in-person registration time

The impact of patient financial experience on hospital profitability

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