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Propel a seamless digital patient experience

Redefine the patient journey across touch points

Coordinated Clinical Support Services

Covid-19 accelerated the shift towards digital, including the adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Healthcare organizations that transform their business to meet the shifting demands of the industry will outperform those that don’t. In this rapidly changing market, we can help you envision an ecosystem that redefines service excellence and delivers the personalized, seamless experience consumers expect.

Our digital-first solutions help you drive continuous care and a consistent experience, while closing the care gaps and reducing costs. We adopt an omnichannel customer service strategy, leveraging innovative technologies such as Conversational AI, Visual-IVR, Cognitive Bots, and Voice Biometrics to empower associates and stakeholders with contextual information. The result: a seamless  experience across all channels.

Rapid 14-day implementation

Outcomes delivered


response rate

6x - 10x

ROI in year one


engagement rate for women 60+


engagement rate for men 70+


in operational savings for 500K digitally engaged members in a week 

Deliver a frictionless experience for superior member satisfaction

As health systems begin COVID vaccine rollout at scale, members expects personalized support and access to care across the vaccination journey.

Our COVID vaccination Digital Patient Outreach and Engagement services, deliver frictionless engagement aimed at bridging the gaps in care, including enabling tailored communication, tracking symptoms and gathering feedback. Our ready-to-implement platform is specifically designed to seamlessly onboard Health Plans in less than two weeks, setting you up for success.

Intuitive digital engagement

Proven digital member engagement platform powered by AI/ML for demographics-based personalization

Tailored relationship building

Elevate member experience with follow-ups, validation, scheduling, alerts and grievance handling

Scalability and reliability

Scale quickly and reliably while we manage the demands of your high-volume member schedules

Change agent capabilities

Become a global change agent, helping members successfully navigate COVID with insights from near real time dashboards

Speedy setup

Rapid two-week implementation and ramp up, helping you make the most of your members’ drive for action

Cost savings

Significant reduction in administrative burden and costs with mandatory outreach services, underpinned by an AI platform

Build the technology and analytics foundation to realize full potential

Scaling telehealth services requires a strong technology backbone that integrates telehealth systems with existing technology systems.

We offer first-line technical setup, knowledge associates and ongoing support, to reduce the risk and complexity of establishing and maintaining a robust and reliable telehealth architecture. As part of our offering, we ensure the availability of necessary devices and connectivity, and drive engagement and familiarization initiatives to increase adoption. Our end-to-end services and solutions span consultation through quality assurance and ongoing support.

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Digital-first solutions to deliver value-based care

Revamp care delivery with remote patient monitoring

As virtual care solutions gain traction in the post-pandemic era, remote patient monitoring solutions and services help improve outcomes for health conditions that require constant monitoring. Remote Patient Monitoring solution (RPM) integrated with an alert system notifies Providers about patients in stable condition, cutting down on hospital and emergency room visits and lowering costs.

We draw upon our expertise in patient outreach and remote patient monitoring services to deliver a consumer-driven, high-tech and high-touch approach that provides personalized and frequent communication. Our remote patient monitoring solutions constantly feed Providers with patient information while empowering patients to engage in self-care and communicate with clinicians outside standard business hours.

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Digitize patient outreach. Build deeper relationships

Enable fast, seamless communication to elevate quality of care and patient satisfaction

Make it easy for your patients to access care. We augment your patient outreach and scheduling services with AI/ML models and on-demand apps, improving the efficiency of virtual visits and care delivery. Our omnichannel CRM platforms provide a 360-degree view of the patients and include diagnosis-specific follow-up protocols to promote treatment plan adherence and improve outcomes across multiple touchpoints – at the point of care as well as during and after care. The platform harnesses Conversational AI to provide associates with actionable insights during customer interactions, improving outcomes.

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Assess the quality of care. Bridge the gap with intelligent patient engagement

HEDIS Performance Measures and STAR Rating support

Collect and track Pay for Performance (P4P) data to not only improve quality but also health outcomes. Our STAR and HEDIS Quality Programs are designed to effectively track quality measures, and identify and close gaps in care delivery. Our analytics-enabled solution gathers a holistic view of patient data, identifies gaps in care delivery, and proactively resolves member issues through timely outreach.

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Take a high-tech, high-touch approach to boost medication adherence

Optimize refill-reminders and promote digital patient engagement

Poor medication adherence is one of the most pressing public health challenges today, creating a vicious cycle of deteriorating health outcomes and spiraling healthcare costs. It’s important to address the potential barriers to medication adherence – financial burden, purchasing behaviors, demographics, household stability, drug, physician or health plan related issues, comorbidities and so on – with a customized and patient-centric approach.
We integrate our in-depth domain knowledge with AI/ML classification models and Intelligent Automation to develop a deeper understanding of every patient’s needs and their unique barriers to care. Our unique digital engagement solution is based on the holistic 3P Framework (Prevent, Predict, Process). It leverages AI/ML-based classification of patient patterns to map the patient journey and send proactive, personalized refill alerts. In the process, we engage patients, Providers, and community pharmacists with interactive videos, live coaching, self-administration, pain management and so on to improve adherence.

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Pivot to Digital. Challenge the status quo

The pandemic is further straining health plans and healthcare delivery systems already under pressure from exploding administrative costs, growing staff burnout, and evolving member and provider expectations. Upend traditional ways of doing business with Intelligent Automation powered by Process Mining, Visual Dashboards, Predictive Analytics, AI/ML and IOT, driving enterprise-wide process transformation, innovation and growth.

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