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A delicate balancing act: How to digitalize your customer service

In the face of fresh-faced fintechs, it’s essential that banks are doing all they can do to digitise their services and provide a truly competitive offer to challenger brands. So, what must banks bear in mind when looking to digitally transform their customer service?

Viva la (digital) revolution!

Exactly two decades ago, the volume of business emails exchanged surpassed that of regular mail for the very first time – and there’s been no going back since.

Robotic process automation – a new frontier in customer service?

Customer service has always been a key business differentiator. However, recent technological progress, greater consumer choice and eroding loyalty means the empowered customer will no longer stand for sub-standard experiences. As a result, the past few years have seen a renewed focus on the consumer. This is being reflected in

How brands can become data driven to improve customer experience

Today, data is how we do business. In the space of just over a decade, data has gone from an obscure entity to a secret weapon to a must-have for any brand looking to weather turbulent times and drive growth. It has revolutionized consumer insight, and, as a result, we

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