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Lean startup methodologies – Building better products faster

In a rapidly changing market, businesses can never be sure of what tomorrow will bring. Customer motivations and expectations are constantly evolving. This is all the more true in the post-pandemic world. Covid-19 has shown that consumers do not take a predictable path when confronted with disruption. In this fast

Low code is key to the consumerization of care

Prior authorization is painful. Phone calls, faxes and emails to check if a health plan requires pre-authorization takes time and money. According to the Council of Affordable Quality Care index, this manual back-and-forth cost providers $10.26 per transaction. Ouch. Even worse, arcane prior authorization processes also result in care delays

Fast-track agility and innovation with low-code

Traditional app development approaches are antithetical to what businesses need today – speed and agility. Manual programming is time-consuming and hampers the ability to respond rapidly to evolving customer expectations and drive growth in a fast-paced environment. Traditional development also requires specialized expertise with certain languages and development platforms. But

US mortgage provider enhances process efficiency by 30% with automation

The challenge: Overcome inefficiencies due to manual processes One of the US’ largest mortgage companies faced multiple challenges in its day-to-day lending operations. Predominantly manual processes led to error-prone, ad-hoc processing and segregation of loan documents. In addition, siloed legacy processes and applications resulted in poor visibility and rampant inefficiency.

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