Sub Industry: Retail Banking

A delicate balancing act: How to digitalize your customer service

In the face of fresh-faced fintechs, it’s essential that banks are doing all they can do to digitise their services and provide a truly competitive offer to challenger brands. So, what must banks bear in mind when looking to digitally transform their customer service?

Customer experience: Marketing’s new battleground

If brands are to stake their claims on customer loyalty – and attract more consumers through excellent customer service – it is vital that they understand who has responsibility for delivering second to none customer experiences.

The automation opportunity in financial services

Gone are the days of the “bank for life”: in a saturated and competitive marketplace; consumers know that power is rightfully in their hands, those who come across a more attractive offer or poor customer experience are more likely to switch providers than ever before.

The power of great customer service

Contact centre agents are on the frontline of customer service, acting as ambassadors for a brand. Having the right people and processes in place to handle customers is arguably the most important thing a business can do to get ahead and follow best practice.

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