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Work-at-home is the new normal: 3 reasons why it’s time to rethink your customer service staffing model

The sudden and unexpected onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has left most businesses, including customer service centres, struggling to ensure business continuity in the more immediate term.

Switching even a part of your customer service operations to a work-at-home (WAH) model can help ensure business continuity in addition to several other benefits.

3 top benefits of deploying a WAH model

01 | Business continuity

Build a business-as-usual model that supports WAH for 30% of your workforce:

You’ll have your infrastructure and processes in place and working for greater resilience.

You can quickly move to 100% WAH to tackle unexpected events such as another wave of the pandemic

And carry on serving your customers even under challenging circumstances.

The market is moving towards WAH.

The Everest Group predicts a 35% increase in WAH agents over the next 18 months.

Your competitors will be ready. Will you?

And carry on serving your customers even under challenging circumstances.

02. | Wider talent pool

Hiring people from around the country means you can reach:

Mothers or fathers with childcare responsibilities

Skilled candidates who do not live within commuting distance of your contact centre location

Students looking to do smaller shifts that fit around their class schedules.

People with specialised skills or attributes.

Studies show that WAH employees are not only happier but also more productive and loyal due to the better work-life balance they enjoy.

03. | More agile workforce

WAH employees are more willing to:

Work split shifts, such as a few hours in the morning and more in the evening.

Do a few hours at short notice.

Giving you more flexibility to cost-effectively:

Staff peak hours.

Respond to sudden or unexpected events

To learn more about how Firstsource can help you reimagine your customer service staffing model in the post-pandemic new normal, please visit www.firstsource.com/WAH

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