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Moving Customer Service Operations to an At-Home Model
Part 1: Overcoming Security Challenges

Implementing homeworking for your customer service operations can help ensure business continuity during times of heightened uncertainty.

But protecting data from cyberthreats and other technology failures is a top concern for customer service leaders evaluating an at-home model.

3 ways to ensure top-notch security and compliance​

01. | Assess physical home working spaces​

Perform a WAH risk assessment in the agent’s workspace prior to agent onboarding, covering the following aspects.

01. Physical space

02. Infrastructure

03. Technology security risks

04. The people side

02. | Regularly train agents on security protocols and handling of sensitive information​

Routinely set expectations on the following through training sessions.



Distractions and background noise

Equipment standards

IT processes

Time keeping

Response times

03. | Deploy fully PCI compliant, secure and dedicated, remote technology infrastructure​

Leverage dedicated VPN appliances

Ensure encrypted data path from agent’s PC to virtual machines in the cloud.

Store data in the cloud​

Keep your data in the cloud and access through virtual machines with “read only” hard drives and no local or mapped storage

Lockdown devices​

Ensure encrypted connection to virtual desktop in secure data center and prevent local data transfers, copy and paste, screen prints, drive mapping, etc.

Minimize noise/distraction​

Use video sweeps to remotely monitor office set up and ensure that the agent is alone in their workspace at home.

Create two-factor authentication​

Generate unique identifiers and strong passwords.
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