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“We at [Bank], and I personally, genuinely appreciate the consistently superior service that we receive from ISGN Solutions. Among other things, it is the ability of the team to coordinate requests like these that undoubtedly makes ISGN Solutions one of our very best vendors.”

Unit Manager, Direct Consumer Lending

Regional US bank and lender

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Whether you are an originator, servicer or another provider to the mortgage industry, we have solutions for you. We work with originators, servicers, mortgage insurance companies and other mortgage-focused businesses to deliver a wide range of services across the mortgages lifecycle including:

Mortgage fulfilment services

Retail, consumer direct, wholesale, correspondent and home equity originators are optimizing their business processes through our customized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)/Business Process Management (BPM) services. With cutting-edge technology, we focus on improving the customer experience, simplifying business processes, increasing productivity and creating a positive revenue impact.

Mortgages servicing & default services

Whether you are fast-growing servicer looking to scale or an industry veteran looking to optimize the business you already have, we have BPO/BPM solutions for you.  Our solutions are designed to help you scale your operation, mitigate risk and reduce costs by leveraging our domain rich team and specialized capabilities.

Title and valuation services

We are a one-stop shop for title, closing and valuation services for mortgage, home equity and servicing clients.  With more than 25 years’ experience in providing real estate information, you can rely on us to cover your needs from coast to coast.

Professional services

Our Professional Services Group offers comprehensive process and consulting solutions enabling mortgage lenders and servicers to optimize performance, reduce costs and execute on strategic initiatives.

Leading US Wholesale Lender
Leading US Middle-Tier lender

34% Increase in internal input and 97% Quality score secured for US Wholesale Lender

Our client, one of America’s fastest growing independent wholesale lenders, was struggling to meet their internal underwriting goals. Despite unlimited overtime and aggressive productivity standards, internal underwriting results were mediocre. To meet internal goals, our client required a credit team quickly. The client’s average decision cycle was well out of standard and averaged 4-5 business days and internal quality had degraded to 78% vs. 95% goal.

ISGN provided capacity in line with our client’s aggressive growth plan also provided quality talent. ISGN supported the in-scope services through onshore delivery model leveraging 17 FTE’s. Within 45 days of placement, the ISGN underwriting team had exceeded client’s internal output by 34%. Output at higher levels ensure more loans fund and more revenue is realized in a given month. Over a five-month period and thousands of decisions, ISGN had only four loans exceed the established SLA. Quicker decisions reduced overall decision cycle time which was proven to decrease fallout and also improved customer satisfaction and retention. More stickiness of the pipeline translates into increased revenue. Quality scores for ISGN averaged 97% over a six-month period, well above client and industry averages. As a result of the high quality, downstream issues with loans were minimized and defaults dropped dramatically.
ISGN went a step further by providing new ways to structure the engagement to optimize the output and quality of the transactions for the client.

Optimal Operating Standards achieved resulting in a 16% cost saving and overall processing time reduction of 28% for US lender

Our client a middle-tier, US non-bank focused on internet-based originations, was aspiring to grow quickly through low-cost originations delivering faster than the marketplace average. They required a reduction in the overall timeline to fund loans from 60+ days and an aassessment into process redundancies and gaps to improve turn around time (TAT) and reduce leakage. Inconsistent quality in the loans processed, lead to output having to be reworked and other inefficiencies. The client also faced a volume increase of about 100% in the origination pipeline, which required management to retain portfolio growth.

ISGN introduced a pilot project of 9 FTEs for investor reporting and IT services which resulted in an immediate improvement in efficiency of almost 10%. Quality improved by 25% leading to less re-work and an improved cycle time. ISGN also addressed an unexpected 45% origination volume spike with a 24/5 work window. Within 6 months, the pilot grew to 50 FTEs providing various originations services and grew to 130 FTEs after 12 months. Within a year the client enjoyed a nearly 100% increase in volume and a positive impact on TAT and quality thanks to ISGN’s scaled solutions. Over a year service offerings expanded from simple to complex origination and servicing processes. Overall processing time was reduced by 28%, shortening the lock to fund time from 60+ to 45 days and an optimal operating standard was achieved resulting in a 16% cost saving.
ISGN also transformed client operations through consulting using the Six Sigma approach and mitigating potential compliance financial penalties of ~$15K per instance.

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