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AI-First Health Plan Operations

Practical AI Deployments can Enable Health Payers to Improve Efficiencies, Cut Costs, and Improve Stakeholder Experiences While media pundits speculate on the future of AI, for healthcare payers, AI can be a very practical tool enabling them to increase operational efficiency, cut administrative costs, and improve member experiences. The key

Delivering Better Outcomes with a Modern Patient Financial Experience

Modernizing the financial experience is about more than payment: it requires a comprehensive approach that includes pre-registration activities and extending the streamlined digital experience into the point of care. Consumers today manage many complex transactions digitally, from applying for home loans to buying cars. Yet getting clear information about the

Digital Patient Engagement: Helping Uninsured Americans Gain Access to Care

Identifying the right payer before a healthcare service is provided and billing on time, reduces costs, prevents bad debt and maximizes reimbursements and revenue. Recent data from the CMS indicates that Medicaid enrollment grew by nearly 10 million between February 2020 and January 2021. The jump was precipitated by a

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