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What does customer success mean to digital transformation

Prabhu Sethuraman
VP – Technology and Intelligent Automation Delivery Head
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Imagine investing a significant amount of money into a digital transformation program that your employees can’t comprehend, or that is so disconnected from the user experience that it causes more problems than it solves. It’s crucial to prioritize user experience when reinventing processes or undergoing a digital transformation, as failing to do so is a recipe for disaster. This is especially important in managing employee frustration with poorly designed processes and customer dissatisfaction with the outcomes.

The era of digital transformation, which equated to robotic process automation (RPA), is long gone. Nowadays, creative problem-solving techniques combined with process mining can be used to gain a comprehensive understanding of processes and select appropriate technologies to achieve desired business objectives. While RPA remains a critical component, a successful transformation results in an “aha” moment.

Firstsource’s Intelligent Automation team has had many of these “aha” moments with customers. 

Our mailroom operations are crucial for delivering prompt responses to our Health Plans customers’ end users regarding appeals, claims, payments, and various other documents. To efficiently handle the high volume of mail, we rely on solutions that incorporate low-code apps, process automation, intelligent document processing, analytics, and cost-effective cloud-based solutions. These tools allow our associates to process over 30,000 mails in less than an hour.

In contact center operations, customers can often find themselves to be put on hold while an associate seeks assistance from a colleague.  This is sometimes necessary because organizations may limit the access of their contact center staff for compliance or technical reasons. For instance, a telecom company may not want its agents to troubleshoot complex technical issues for customers. Over 15,000 Firstsource contact center associates leverage the power of RPA and API solutions in our most extensive automation deployment. Bots troubleshoot complex technical issues and provide resolutions which are relayed back by agents to the customer, saving 1000s of hours each day.

Due to the impact of macroeconomic conditions on the mortgage business, customers need flexible solutions that can effectively manage costs. Our automation value management solution for mortgage operations provides a pricing guarantee that enables them to continue with their transformation program, while also recovering from their current challenges.

Process mining as a service helps in gaining invaluable insights from digital footprints, which include data from claim processing, loan processing, and customer complaints — making it a transformative choice for optimizing processes. The benefits are numerous, from understanding of claims processing bottlenecks and balancing staff workload to improving the volume of patients screened and maximizing receivables — the applicability is endless.

Our platform-based solutions for patient engagement, loan servicing, and receivables management addressing specific industry challenges leverage automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics to solve complex problems that deliver significant business impact for our customers.

At a time when cost optimization is prudent, technological solutions can provide exceptional value and best-of-breed outcomes. This presents a desirable challenge, especially if you have a talented team of creators and the freedom to take bold actions. We are super excited about the nature of problems we solve today and will in the future! 

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