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Solving the CX challenge in travel and hospitality

When tourism and international travel sectors witness a spike in demand, it presents a challenge for airlines, hotels, operators and booking providers. These companies want to provide superior CX which they can scale quickly and deliver within narrow budgets.

The good news is – there are ways to delight customers at scale quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our eBook Solving the CX challenge in travel and hospitality explores how.

Read the eBook to learn how our omnichannel, automation, AI and right-shore solutions have enabled clients to:

  • Launch a live service within 2½ weeks
  • Deliver a 200% increase in customer channel efficiency
  • Lower customer care costs with 19% less contact
  • Find a 30% initial cost savings with the right-shore approach


Overcome the trickiest of CX challenges with the best of human and digital capabilities.

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