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Fuel personalized customer experience in real time​

Use speech and text analytics to improve associate performance and customer loyalty
First Customer Intelligence

Analyze customer sentiments, emotions and behavior across channels

With customers increasingly in the driver’s seat, customer intelligence has never been more important in creating competitive edge.
Leverage our proprietary firstCustomer Intelligence (FCI) tool to derive actionable insights from customer interactions, with in-depth and near real-time analysis of customer sentiment, emotions and behavior – across multiple communication and feedback channels. The tool uses speech and text analytics to capture interactions (calls, web chat, email, self-serve) and feedback across different channels (social media, CSAT surveys and reports) to identify avenues for improving associate productivity and NPS

Outcomes delivered

Empathetic interactions driven by outcomes that matter to customers

Reduced customer effort and improved experience​

Increased customer lifetime value and reduced churn​

Lower cost to serve​​

firstCustomer Intelligence | Business Insights Across the Customer Lifecycle

Global clients
Trusted by  FTSE 100
and Fortune 500 companies          
26,000+ people
across 42 delivery centers

Stay ahead with Firstsource

2 Billion

back office transactions

3.1 Million

web chats

3.7 Million

email responses

200 Million

customer interactions

Explore insights

A 3-step approach to harnessing the richness of voice data

A leading UK communications company increases website conversions by 250%

Results delivered

~$7.2 Bn
uncompensated care cost reduced
~$1.4 Bn
additional cash generated for hospitals
~$2.5 Bn
worth claims adjudicated
~$6 Bn
of invoice financing assets managed
~$3.8 Bn
size of collections book managed
~$60 Bn
mortgage loans funded
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