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The Loud Ping for Debt Collections

CXOs across industries face sharp increases in consumer debt levels and debt recovery challenges that arose from COVID aren’t going away any time soon.

Some executives are seeing the path forward. They understand consumers prefer online payment and collections to a phone call, particularly if the digital interaction is personalized and gives them options.

We interviewed 50+ executives looking at debt and collections across industries and what emerges is an attractive proposition for building a collections system that works.

The research provides insights into:

  • Industries witnessing a significant increase in the number of delinquent customers compared to pre-covid levels
  • Top three challenges faced by organizations and the big issues around recovering debt that are keeping CXOs up at night
  • Eight areas where executives feel they can improve their collections strategies and execution
  • Reimagining debt collections for the longer term with a fit-for-purpose debt recovery solution

The need for organizations to transform traditional collections processes is higher than ever. Get a copy of the research to reinvent Receivables Management strategies and improve debt collections.

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