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Digital Mailrooms: The heartbeat of modern Health Plan operations

Take the traditional mailroom. A typical Health Plan mailroom receives 120,000 pieces of mail every month. A vast majority of the paper-based communication – from application submission and policy changes to claim forms and notifications is processed manually,

They are also inundated with incoming data and documents in multiple formats. With manual processes driving inefficiencies and high costs, the need for digital transformation is more than ever. Modernizing IT systems to enhance decision-making based on real-time information is critical for Health Plans today.

This paper provides insights into:

  • Administrative complexities and challenges Health Plans are facing
  • Streamlining mailroom operations through digital transformation
  • How leading Health Plans are making the most of digital mailrooms
  • Six critical aspects to consider when choosing your digital transformation partner

Know more about unleashing the power of digital mailrooms to increase process throughput and deliver customer-centric experiences.

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