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US telecom and media giant leverages customer sentiment analysis to achieve 6% call avoidance

The challenge: Improve customer experience in a highly competitive market

The client is a multibillion-dollar global telecommunications and mass media conglomerate headquartered in the United States. With a subscriber base of over 28 million customers, it is one of the largest quadruple play service providers in the country.

Customer experience in the telecom industry is a critical differentiator given consumers’ growing digital demands. The client sought to improve the experience of multi-service customers when they subscribed to its broadband, television, telephone and wireless phone services. The client understood the importance of time, emotion and interaction in strengthening its customer relationships, and wanted to identify opportunities to improve CSAT.

Given its deep domain knowledge and proven solutions, Firstsource emerged as a partner of choice to identify gaps in the client’s customer service model and improve customer experience.

The solution: Deploy analytics to mine customer interactions for insight

Firstsource deployed firstCustomer Intelligence (FCI), a proprietary solution to measure customer sentiment, emotions and behaviors across multiple communication channels, early on in the customer interaction. Using text analytics, FCI analyzed 70,000 chats to identify the key reasons for customers calling into customer service:

  • 1.9% were looking for more information about a movie or a TV show streaming app on their TV box
  • 1.8% contacted customer service due to the unavailability of information relating to the suspension of subscription service on the client website
  • 1% called in due to the lack of number porting tracker on the client website
  • 0.7% wanted to reset their Wi-Fi password or were looking for the reset code
  • 0.6% had questions about a specific app on the TV box

Based on the results of the analysis, Firstsource’s team of experts deployed a customized solution to address the major pain points. As part of the solution, the team:

  • Created a timeframe system for number porting on the website
  • Provided detailed information on the website explaining the reason for service suspension
  • Revisited the process for password reset to reduce the call volume to the customer service center
  • Added a separate tab under Apps section of the client website to provide information about specific apps
  • Addressed operational issues such as unscheduled personal breaks by associates, lower customer survey ratings towards an associate’s end of shift, and so on

The results: Improved call avoidance and CSAT

Firstsource’s solution enhanced self-serve options on the revamped website to improve customer experience and lower customer care costs.

  • 6% call avoidance
  • Increase in CSAT from 66% to 84%

Business impact


Call avoidance

66% to 84%

Increase in CSAT

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