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4 metaverse real-world use cases: How #FirstsourceTech is applying the metaverse

Ramesh Yechangunja
Ramesh Yechangunja
VP - Technology
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The world is rapidly moving towards a digital future. With the advent of the metaverse, a virtual world where people can interact and engage with each other, customer service operations have a unique opportunity to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Globally, enterprises are exploring the use of metaverse components like VR headsets, blockchain, NFTs, IoT, and cloud technology to connect with customers and generate new revenue. As these technologies continue to develop and interconnect, it’s important to understand their impact through use cases.

Four such cases where metaverse is and could potentially bring about significant change are:

1. Virtual contact centers

It’s incredible how technology is changing the way we interact with customers. With virtual contact centers, customer service associates can interact in a simulated environment, while offering a more personalized experience. For instance, imagine a customer service representative using an avatar to guide you through a product demo, or helping you fix an issue. And that’s not all, virtual contact centers can also be used for employee training, saving the logistics and inconvenience of in-person training sessions.

2. Virtual back-office services

Imagine being able to set up an entire back office without the significant cost of office space or ramping up of seats?

With this technology, companies can offer services like accounting, HR, and IT support to clients more efficiently and cost-effectively; while improving remote and hybrid work for employees by creating constant, digital spaces you can log into as an avatar. It could create a new definition of the virtual office.

3. Marketing opportunities

The metaverse offers a unique opportunity for companies to step up their marketing game. Over the last two years many companies have already utilized the online events space to launch products or initiatives effectively. Leveraging the metaverse will further enhance this experience, bringing it alive in a more realistic, interactive manner.

4. Improved training

By creating virtual libraries and knowledge bases in a metaverse, employees can access information and resources from anywhere and at any time. This not only improves the efficiency of the employees but also makes it easier for them to stay updated on the latest industry trends and best practices. Plus, virtual training can be easily scaled to accommodate a large number of employees, making it a great option for organizations of all sizes.

How #FirstsourceTech is shaping the digital future

At Firstsource, we looked at metaverse to significantly improve our employee experience – among many other things. Our ‘onboarding employees in metaverse’ project is a great example of the “Digital First, Digital Now” approach. The gamified experience creates a memorable and engaging first impression for new employees. The results so far have been impressive with increased employee experience, better content retention, and reduced training time.

We use pioneering technologies like 3D world creation and navigation, 360 degree panoramas using Matterport, immersive engagement through virtual reality on multiple form factors — head mounted display (Meta Quest 2), mobile and desktop. By using an agile methodology, we’ve been able to make adjustments along the way and fine-tune the design.

We are exploring the exciting world of emerging technologies, and a key part of that journey is getting our employees onboarded in the metaverse. We’re always pushing the boundaries and coming up with innovative ideas, like ’Contact center of the future’ for the retail industry, healthcare education, property screening, and case management.

We keep three things in mind when developing solutions: putting people first, being quick and nimble in our approach, and having a “maker’s mentality”. Now that we’re venturing into the metaverse, we can’t wait to see all the amazing possibilities it has to offer.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of our organization and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Follow our hashtag #FirstsourceTech to stay updated on all that’s happening in the tech space at Firstsource.

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