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3 ways to create a holistic customer experience in debt collection

The recent interest rate hikes by US Federal Reserve to control inflation are starting to hit consumers. Particularly hard hit are fragile borrowers with lower income and higher debt. Reuters summarized a TransUnion May 2022 study that shows escalating US prices for household necessities is causing people with low credit

How BNPLs can reset CX and disrupt the credit arena

If 2021 was the year Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) seemed to arrive, 2022 could see these providers reset the standard for customer experience (CX) in the credit market. But will they? Anytime a disruptive force enters a market, there’s a great deal of excitement. People talk (and often over-hype)

Who wins in Collections – the tortoise or the hare?

The lesson from Aesops’s fable The Tortoise and the Hare is so timeless and enduring that the business world continues to adapt it to make a point. Mercedes Benz turned it into a Super Bowl Ad, where the classic fable takes a new twist. Software engineers use it as an

Saving a US debt buyer $5M using a global outsourcing model

The challenge: Slash collections costs and create a pathway to profitable growth The client is one of the largest debt buyers in the US and concentrates on investing in consumer charge-off and bankruptcy accounts. The client’s in-house collections staff had swelled to 200 FTEs in the US. It was also

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