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Firstsource promotes healthy lifestyles through “Biggest Loser” challenge

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healthy lifestyles “I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up”

In recent years, there has been increasing focus on the effects of sedentary lifestyles. International research has shown links between prolonged sitting and serious health risks. Researchers have recommended counteracting the damaging effects of being seated at a desk for a large part of your day by fitting in exercise or walks where possible. The nature of our industry however means it can be especially hard for employees to get their daily step count up.

People in Firstsource’s centre in Bangalore, India, were beginning to feel the adverse effects of a deskbound lifestyle themselves. Although some had already begun exercising regularly, others were suffering from the early onset of other health issues.

Every journey begins with a single step

Firstsource Solutions is tackling the issue head-on, and is encouraging employees to begin their health and wellness journey by introducing a centre-wide “Biggest Loser” contest.  Over a lunchtime brainstorm, colleagues in Bangalore decided that mutual motivation would be the key to achieving results, and decided to start training as a team.

Team members who took part undertook an initial full body and diet analysis before following a specially designed training programme with a dedicated coach. The team also introduced a healthy eating plan and one to one sessions with a trainer, who played an integral role in tracking progress.

The team gradually introduced dietary and lifestyle changes. Although they experienced difficulty at times, colleagues took the challenges in their stride and encouraged each other every step of the journey.

Incentives were also used: a motivational tool and came in the form of vouchers for top performers in the team. The vouchers could be used to invest back into the training programme by purchasing equipment such as ab-rollers and medicine balls. The team also enrolled in the office gym and organised a structured training schedule to work out together. This often meant coming in earlier than usual to ensure work outs were done before the day started.

Through encouragement to adopt specific activities into their exercise regimes and certain lifestyle modifications, our people have already begun to feel the benefits
and have become real advocates of change.

Teamwork makes losing weight more fun… and more successful

Losing weight with peers makes weight loss
easier. Since the team has to win as a group, every member has a stake in the other members’ success. The result of this is lots of support and positive peer pressure. The desire to see a transformed self adds to the excitement and motivation of the competition.

Although losing weight was the primary factor, the team worked primarily on improving their individual fitness levels, believing that the weight loss would follow naturally. The results spoke for themselves, with the entire team confirming they haven’t felt healthier in a long time. They now swear by the fact that being healthy is not a goal – it’s a way of life!

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

“We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us”


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