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Firstsource named as "Service Provider Challenger" in Global Sourcing Association’s Top Performer Index

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From an announcement on the GSA website:

Firstsource has been named as a “Service Provider Challenger” on the Global Sourcing Association’s annual Top Performers Index for having made exceptional contributions to the positive reputation of sourcing, and helping shape the current and future state of the global sourcing industry.

The Index has been derived following a rigorous process of compiling industry wide desk research from numerous data resources and combining the results with the GSA’s own primary research. This included taking the results from GSA’s recent sourcing satisfaction survey completed by both buyers and service providers, responses to an independent survey on the industry’s top performers that gained over 800 corporate votes, information gathered from exclusive GSA insights and analysis, plus views from across their network of leading industry professionals.

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the Global Sourcing Association commented: “Our industry is one too often scapegoated for other’s failures, we know its an industry that delivers phenomenal results across all types of value add not just cost saving. As such we’re delighted to recognising the industry Top Performers for the significant contribution they make. Not just to their companies, their clients, the industry but also to UK Plc.”

About the GSA

The Global Sourcing Association (GSA) is the industry association and professional body for the global sourcing industry. We are the home of the Global Sourcing Standard, a world first for the provision of a portfolio of best practice methodologies and accreditation programmes supported by both buyers and suppliers of sourcing.

The GSA is a not-for-profit membership association which serves to share best practice, trends and connections across the globe bringing the global community together in a wholly interactive manner for the first time. Its overriding objective is the ongoing development and dissemination of the standard and supporting portfolio of qualifications in order to improve the benefits and positive reputation, and therefore size, of the global sourcing industry.

The Global Sourcing Association has affiliate associates across the globe including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Egypt, China, India and the United States and many more.

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