Before and after examples

Paid digital ad for healthcare


Verbal updates

  • Leads with numbers representing our outcomes to express confidence
  • Highlights how our problem solving made the seemingly impossible, possible
  • Shows how we make it happen within the context of a specific client story
  • Builds energy by guiding readers quickly from problem to our solution


Visual updates

  • Energizing phrase within header highlighted in Light Blue
  • CTA button mirrors light blue in header
  • Gradient backgrounds offer good contrast against holding shape
  • Our photo tells an energizing story of a customer happy with her insurance company, showing that we make it happen

Mortgage email


Hi {First Name},

As we continue to monitor the dynamic landscape of the housing market, it’s evident that we’re on the brink of a significant surge in home loans.

Why partner with Firstsource to ensure that {Company Name} is well-positioned to thrive amidst the surge?

  • Awarded top mortgage originations service provider by the Everest Group.
  • Supporting 6 of top 15 mortgage service providers in the USA.
  • Most comprehensive set of mortgage licensing.
  • 5 million+ servicing transactions.
  • 350K+​ underwriting decisions.
  • 500K+ loans closed & funded.

Here’s how US mortgage provider enhances process efficiency by 30% with Firstsource.

I would love to take you through our capabilities and similar case studies over an introductory call with my Vice President. Let me know if you are available for a quick chat on next {{weekdays_from_now 6}} / {{weekdays_from_now 7}}?


Hi {First Name},

$2M cost savings. 2.5X more productivity.
100% more data accuracy.

Each year, we problem solve with the top 10 US mortgage lenders to create 5 million+ servicing transactions. Together, we make outcomes like this happen.

A team ruthlessly focused on your customer meets AI that’s right sized for you. You find insights faster. You iterate with more purpose. You focus resources where they count.

{Vice president name} and I are here to talk about more cases like these—how we can make the same outcomes happen with {company name}.

Are you available for a quick chat on next {{weekdays from now 6}} / {{weekdays from now 7}}?

Verbal updates

  • Opens with confidence through  hard, numerical outcomes
  • We open with problem solving as the key way we interact with clients
Stays energizing by guiding readers through a logical sequence that propels them forward to our solution
  • Make it happen is brought to life in a way that is both aligned to our overall behavior – and client-specific
  • We position hyper-focus and iteration together, as the key unlock to get us to making it happen
  • Keeps it precise by tailoring quickly to what is relevant and useful for our audience

Visual updates

  • Email template uses gradient background behind email body
  • Leads with results: large outcomes + results-oriented photo after the salutation
  • Combination of 3 modular holding shapes bleed off left edge of image, and align on their right edges
  • Combination of 3 sets up the most impactful number–100%–to be highlighted in orange, the most contrasting secondary accent color
  • Holding shape modularity allows mobile layout to shift to accommodate larger text for easy legibility at smaller sizes

Healthcare case study


Bot Unlocks Millions in Revenue for Hospital

The challenge: Manual processes plus labor shortage equal massive work backlog

Monitoring the status of claims submitted to health insurers is critical so that providers can take appropriate actions depending on whether a claim will be paid, suspended or denied. Our client, a large regional hospital in the southern US, had a slow and complex manual process for claims verification and validation and posting crossover claims (MESA). The hospital’s revenue cycle management professionals had to toggle between different internal systems to identify outstanding claims, then either login to payer web portals or call payers directly to look up a claim’s status.

This time-consuming, inefficient process had resulted in a backlog of more than 7,000 claims requiring status checks. The claims represented more than $5 million in revenue, so it was vital to understand their status. Yet the hospital estimated it would take months and months to accomplish that task, a project for which it didn’t have the necessary resources.

The solution: Automating manual process delivers quick return

We collaborated with our client to identify the claims status checks as an excellent candidate for a first automation project. Deploying an RPA solution, or software bot, would net a relatively quick return for the hospital. It would also solve an ongoing problem and create a foundation for additional automated solutions.

We built the bot to automate six critical processes across multiple payers. The bots emulate all the steps the provider’s staff were taking to toggle among internal and payer systems to request the status data and update the relevant systems. The Firstsource team delivered the software bot in about 75% of the time it typically takes to develop these solutions because our team already understood our client’s systems, applications, and workflows. That knowledge also helped us structure the bot so it could be deployed with the minimum possible disruption to our client’s processes.

The results: Returning time, money and satisfaction to the provider

We deployed the bot on a weekend. When our client’s revenue staff reported to work on Monday, the bot had checked and updated the status of all 7,000 backlogged claims. That enabled our client’s revenue management staff to realize potentially more than $5 million in revenue.

The bot continues to roll. It carries out the entire claims status process without requiring human intervention and at several times the speed humans can achieve. That’s enabled our client to redirect its revenue staff away from mundane tasks to higher value, revenue-generating strategic activities. These include tasks requiring human expertise and decision-making skills, including following up on claim denials. The automation solution has also enabled our client to avoid hiring and training additional staff.

As a major healthcare vendor, Firstsource monitors payers’ updates and changes to their process and data requirements; and automatically adjust our software bots as necessary to ensure uninterrupted optimal performance.

A foundation for additional automation

The client realized a return on its investment within a few months. The bot’s performance led the hospital CIO to recommend robotic process automation to the organization’s human resources department to streamline its many rote, manual processes.

In addition to implementing the software bot, we offered our client education about how to identify processes suitable for bots. The bot’s architectural framework will enable the client to extend its capabilities to other functions with minimal programming.  Automating simple repetitive processes builds a solid foundation for more sophisticated levels of automation to complement the bots, such as generative AI features. These can identify underpayments by analyzing payment data and comparing it to contracted rates; reduce eligibility-related denials; and assist in medical coding for greater accuracy.

Our client estimates it is now saving more than $600,000 annually by using the bot to check claims status. Work is current and sustainable without adding more staff. Without the bot, the hospital would need approximately 40-plus FTEs to carry out the tasks the bot can accomplish on its own. Productivity has increased and accuracy is at 100%. The client’s revenue professionals are more satisfied doing high value work that requires their full expertise vs. carrying out rote, repetitive claims checks.


This hospital used automation to unlock millions in revenue. In one weekend.

Goal: Improve a slow, complex hospital claims process with a 7,000 case backlog.

Outcome: More than $5m in revenue unlocked before teams came back to work on Monday.

Summary: Our automation solution delivered over $600,000 annually. The revenue team’s job satisfaction heightened. Focus was shifted to high-value work. Our bot managed mundane tasks with 100% accuracy.

How we made it happen:

Getting hyper-focused on the problem: A manual process was burdening revenue professionals with toggling between systems to check on claims.

Quick Solution Deployment: We identified claims status checks as ideal for automation. Deployed an RPA solution quickly. Then, we leveraged our understanding of client systems to make our bot operate just like their teams – but with months of time saved. This minimized disruption.

Problem solving: The software bot efficiently tackled a backlog of over 7,000 claims status checks, freeing revenue management staff for strategic activities and increasing productivity. We did it over a weekend. People got back to work Monday. Without a disruption lag.

What else can we make happen?

We built the bot to extend to other functions with minimal programming. 
This laid the foundation for further automation, with the potential to enhance more efficiency and accuracy.

Verbal updates

  • Case studies are designed for practicality—with all content leading to a clear result
  • We keep it precise by using a consistent framework 
to tell client stories and case studies
  • We show confidence by keeping the purpose clear and avoiding any ambiguity about how we deliver on it
  • We use our specific messages in our process to show how we make it happen through iteration, problem solving and hyper-focus. But in our upfront, we show vs tell how we make it happen with clear numbers
  • We describe our hyper-focus and problem solving—and find a way to illustrate how our iterative skills get you to outcomes, fast
  • We make it happen becomes its own, distinct section.
  • We start with hyper focus
as the key to finding the problem we need to solve
  • Iteration as a path to quick solutions becomes our second bucket, showing how we get there
  • Problem solving is where we show our results
  • We create energy with short, direct sentences, and strong, active verbs
  • We end with precision, through our hyper focus on how we laid the foundation for what we can help you achieve next

Visual updates

  • Complex header text uses hierarchy and highlighting to highlight the outcomes: millions in revenue, 1 weekend
  • Vignette provides sufficient contrast for text overlay
  • Goal and outcomes highlighted in eye-catching, contrasting holding shapes
  • Key message highlighted in subhead; because this is in a different section of the page, additional highlighting is acceptable. For clarity, we wouldn’t highlight a word or phrase in both a header and subhead within the same lockup.
  • Holding shapes add tension and energy by overlapping the edge of the photo with the gradient background

Internal newsletter announcement


Firstsource debuts on Dow Jones Sustainability Index with a 96th percentile rating

In its very first submission to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) recently, Firstsource received a prominent CSA and ESG rating of 62 each and was placed in the 96th percentile among global industry peers.

This is a momentous milestone, as a high score on the DJSI is given to companies who have made substantial progress in building a strong ESG governance. Companies listed in the DJSI are considered leaders in sustainable business practices, and the index is widely used by investors, stakeholders, and customers to evaluate a company’s long-term sustainability and ethical behavior.

Being ranked this high on its first attempt – that too with an ESG journey that is just two years old-is likely a benchmark Firstsource has set for the global BPM industry.

A strong performance in the DJSI is a clear testimony of the efforts every Firstsourcer has put into aligning business operations with high ESG standards. It showcases that commitment to sustainability is not merely a statement but is widely practiced within the organization and is now being celebrated on a global stage.

A few of Firstsource’s key ESG achievements are:

  • A robust ESG governance, that involves the Board Level Risk Management Committee overseeing all strategies.
  • Climate strategy includes scientific risk assessments across all operations, and an expansion of greenhouse gas inventory to include all business locations, thus creating a roadmap for future decarbonization.
  • Increased renewable energy consumption in FY 2022-23 by 411%, in comparison to FY 2022-21, across Firstsource’s India operations.
  • Meaningful change is driven through a focus on Inclusion and Diversity (I&D); reflected in the current gender diversity ratio of 46.49%.
  • In FY 2022-23, invested INR 68.4 Mn in CSR projects impacting 65,550 lives under education, environment, empowerment, healthcare, sports, art, and culture themes, with over 15,000 volunteering hours.

Firstsource takes pride in this accomplishment, knowing that every employee played their part in making it a leader in sustainability, and is even more energized to build a more sustainable and responsible future.


Our first submission to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) set a global benchmark for ESG governance in our industry

In our first ever Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) submission, Firstsource was rated:

  • 62 – CSA
  • 62 – ESG
  • 96th percentile among global industry peers

What does the score mean for us?

Companies with a high DJSI score exhibit strong ESG governance. Considered leaders in sustainable business practices. Being ranked this high on a first attempt, with an ESG journey that is just two years old, is a high benchmark. It’s a possible first—for global BPMs.

Who reads the index?

Investors, stakeholders and customers use the DJSI to evaluate a company’s long-term sustainability and ethical behavior.

How did we make it happen?

Hyper-focused ESG governance and strategy across emissions, energy consumption and I&D:

  • A Board Level Risk Management Committee overseeing all strategies
  • Scientific risk assessments across all operations. An expansion of greenhouse gas inventory to include all business locations. A clear roadmap for decarbonization


  • 411% decrease in renewable energy consumption across India operations from FY 2021-20223 to FY 2022-23
  • Gender diversity ratio of 46.49%
  • 65,550 lives impacted across education, environment, empowerment, healthcare, sports, art, and culture, via INR 68.4+ Mn and 15,000 volunteer hours invested In FY 2022-23

Commitment to sustainability isn’t a statement we make. It’s dedication to daily, iterative problem solving, now celebrated on a global stage.

Verbal updates

  • Creates internal confidence by keeping the purpose of our communication clear, and avoiding ambiguity about how we deliver
  • Keeps it practical—with all content leading to a clear result, and shared understanding of why it’s important
  • Like case studies, we uses our upfront to show vs tell how we make it happen with clear numbers. We describe our hyper focus, and problem solving—and find a way to illustrate how our iterative skills get you to outcomes, fast
  • Keeps it precise by using a consistent Q and A framework to tell stories of our success
  • Turns We make it happen into is own, distinct section
  • Opens with our dedication to hyper focus
  • Keeps the story energetic with short, quick statements
  • Shows a commitment to internally deliver through iteration and problem solving—in the same way we deliver for our clients

Visual updates

  • Black text and orange highlighting is complemented by orange holding shapes
  • Holding shapes float, not touching one another
  • Holding shapes align at top and bottom, matching the longest content
  • Ordinals are written in superscript
  • Header font draws attention to number-based outcomes above the fold
  • Modular holding shapes allow for mobile-friendly formatting; in mobile, the holding shapes align on the left and right, top and bottom.

LinkedIn bio


Aniket Maindarkar is an award-winning business leader with over thirty years of global experience of managing operations for multinational corporations spanning across 100+ countries. He carries a deep understanding of the Technology & BPO industry, and has steered international businesses spanning from 150$Mn to $1bn+ revenues.

In his new role as CMO of Firstsource Solutions, he is looking forward to building a unified messaging for the brand, and amplifying its visibility at a global level.

In the past, Aniket has had a stellar stint at one of the world’s most respected business consulting firms, Infosys where he spent more than a decade and a half in diverse roles, from managing their marketing channels, operations to scaling client relationships.

Aniket advocates that a champion mindset originates from clear business objectives and the adoption of streamlined work structures for enhanced organisational efficiency.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Aniket holds a profound commitment to creating a positive influence on society and the environment. An eternal optimist with a fervour for adventure sports like windsurfing and sailing, he has embarked on hiking expeditions in global destinations such as Norway, Iceland, Patagonia, Peru, Bhutan, and Nepal.


Award-winning business leader with 30+ years experience making outcomes happen for businesses across 100+ countries, from $150M-$1BN in revenue.

Aniket advocates for hyper focused, iterative problem solving, with clear results.

He brings a deep understanding of Technology & BPO industry to his new role as CMO of Firstsource Solutions, where he is building unified brand messaging, and amplifying visibility at a global level.

In the past, Aniket spent more than 15 years at Infosys driving outcomes across marketing, operations and client relationships.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Aniket holds a profound commitment to creating a positive influence on society and the environment. He’s an eternal optimist. He loves sports like windsurfing and sailing. He has embarked on hiking expeditions across Norway, Iceland, Patagonia, Peru, Bhutan and Nepal.

Verbal updates

  • Leads with ability to make it happen
  • Opens with outcomes to create a sense of confidence
  • States commitment to hyper focus, iteration and problem solving as key skills to get to outcomes, fast
  • Stays focused on outcomes throughout to create precision
  • Uses short sentences to create energy

Wall branding 1



Verbal updates

  • Minimalist design focuses viewer on key message that we make it happen
  • Contextual, authentic photography of life at Firstsource communicates energy and confidence

Visual updates

  • We’re moving away from illustrations in favor of photography and typography
  • Cinematic, emotive, real photo of the Firstsource team socializing (mockup shows a placeholder as an example) gives energy to the room, shows what life at Firstsource is like
  • Logo obvious and eye-height
  • Key message presented in header text and “here” highlighted in Light Blue, emphasizing that Firstsource is where moments like those in the photo happen
  • Firstsource Dark Blue gradient overlay/vignette provides ample contrast for header text

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Eddie Monteiro

Eddie is currently Chief Operating Officer at Educational Testing Service (ETS), where he sets and drives the transformation agenda across the company and has responsibility for all technology and operations functions in addition to the College Board, K-12, and teacher licensure businesses. He previously ran business and technology services at Pearson, where he built a global team to enable scalable delivery of enterprise functions. Prior to that, while at IBM, he held several executive leadership roles in the US, Mexico and Brazil across a diverse set of industries and clients.
Geetha Krishnan

Geetha Krishnan

Geetha Krishnan consults with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements in Bangalore as Senior Advisor and Head of Digital Blended Learning, where he spearheads their online learning and continuing education portfolio. Over 25 years, Geetha has played senior roles in diverse sectors such as academia, online learning, and advertising. In his last role as Director – Centre for Executive Education at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Geetha was head of the profit center comprising more than 50 open enrollment and long duration programs and spearheaded ISB’s foray into online learning by enabling their partnership with Coursera.
Susan Aldridge

Susan Aldridge

Dr. Aldridge is an Executive Higher Education Consultant to university presidents and ministers of education regarding business models and technology-enhanced education. She recently retired from Drexel University after serving six years as president of Drexel University Online overseeing more than 125 online programs. During her six-year tenure as President of University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), she doubled the university’s enrollment to 97,000 – to become the largest public American university. She also served as Vice Chancellor for Troy University’s Global Campus managing online programs and satellite campuses in 12 countries and 17 states.

Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg

Previously Director Apple Education EMEA and APAC, Alan led the team that built Education Podcasting and iTunes U. He has worked on the development of Apple Education mobile strategy, iOS Education APPs, and developed the SEED CSR project in China, a collaboration between Apple, Foxconn, and Pearson. Executive Board of WideCells Group Plc, Group CBDO, and EVP & Founder of Wideacademy; his working contributions include multiple technology engagements providing domain expertise across digital, mobile, brand, scale-up, international business development, and venture capital.

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