UK-based media and broadcasting company boosts associate performance with work-at-home model


A leading broadcaster and telecommunications company that provides television and broadband internet services across the UK, including fixed line and mobile telephone services, to both consumers and businesses.

Business challenge

With the growing demand for media and content services in the digital age, the client realized that providing top-notch technical support for its subscription TV and broadband customers was critical to customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this in mind, the client set out to differentiate itself by offering round-the-clock support, but it did not want to create a large in-house team to do so. The client sought a model that would allow it to not only recruit top talent from across the country but also align shifts to fluctuating call volumes in order to optimize costs.

Firstsource solution

The client partnered with Firstsource to leverage its proven work-at-home (WAH) model – a secure, end-to-end remote solution spanning recruitment, technology deployment, training, scheduling, monitoring and management. The solution encompassed:

  • Online tools for remote recruitment across associate sourcing, assessment and onboarding
  • Easy-to-deploy remote technology comprising compliant cloud-based infrastructure, multi-channel capabilities, BYOD options, remote monitoring and robust reporting
  • Robust security protocols including risk assessment of associates’ physical work environment and established WFM policies
  • Remote workforce scheduling, management and operations through online workflows, feedback and coaching sessions – using virtual collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams
  • Digitally enabled training around products, processes and compliance supported by in-depth assessment of training needs, train-the-trainer initiatives, and on the job training
  • Virtual employee engagement through online forums, breakout sessions, online learning management, and experiential learning

Business impact

The six-year partnership continues to strengthen under the unprecedented conditions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The flexible delivery model has resulted in several tangible results for the client including:

  • 24/7 service support for financially and technically vulnerable customers
  • NPS for at-home associates 4.5 points higher compared with in-center
  • Productivity of at-home associates approximately 10% higher compared with in-center
  • Easier recruitment with access to a wider talent pool, without geographical limitations
  • Greater flexibility in shift management, leading to resource optimization and reduced costs

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