Firstsource remotely deploys, integrates and scales customer intelligence solution for a top-5 US mortgage company

Firstsource remotely deployed proprietary customer analytics solution in 2019 and scaled the solution in the wake of COVID-19, providing deep insights into more than 1000 agents who transitioned to a remote working model.

The client

The client is a full-service lender operating in all 50 states, with expertise in VA, FHA, USDA loans as well as conventional mortgages. The company caters to more than 1 million customers.

Gaining insights for superior performance

More than a year ago, Firstsource remotely deployed and integrated FirstCustomerIntelligence (FCI) with the client’s AWS solution, to expand its operational view beyond traditional customer surveys and performance metrics. The solution helps gather multi-dimensional insights across four major pillars: quality and risk, agent performance, business intelligence and customer experience. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the client shifted its agents to a remote workforce model. Monitoring agent performance remotely was more critical than ever before, especially in the face of emerging customer behaviours and regulatory requirements.

End-to-end remote implementation and support

The FCI team has been partnering with clients across geographies and domains for over eight years now. The team remotely collaborates with globally distributed clients to analyse millions of unstructured customer conversations and consistently deliver outcomes that matter.

In 2019, when the client wanted to gather insights into its customer experience, Firstsource leveraged its remote implementation model. Distributed teams of process and development experts, based in India, collaborated with the client’s stakeholders in the US to design and deploy FCI. Subsequently, in the wake of COVID-19, with changing government norms, company policies and remote working, the client faced multiple challenges including:

  • Handling sudden surge of borrower calls asking for forbearance assistance under the CARES Act
  • Ensuring compliance with the CARES Act.
  • Tracking and adhering to constantly changing guidance from multiple sources.
  • Managing borrower expectations.

The client wanted to monitor all COVID-19 related interactions for quality and adherence. Firstsource remotely analysed loans in foreclosure to develop customized, near real-time reporting dashboards to track compliance levels, customer experience and agent coaching opportunities.

Tangible outcomes: FCI remote approach and methodology

Firstsource’s remote FCI methodology helps the client monitor 300,000 conversations / month and mitigate risks. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced ability to track guidelines shared with customers and correct account tags, helping the client identify the following critical data:
    • 15% contact center interactions were COVID related, with 8% customers requesting for payment assistance.
    • 20% borrowers in active foreclosure were impacted by COVID-19.
  • Focused coaching to enable:
    • Strict agent adherence in providing information around forbearance terms and conditions.
    • Accurate tagging of COVID-19 impacted accounts.
    • Script adherence on payment assistance calls.
  • COVID-19 red alerts to proactively engage unhappy borrowers.
  • Tracking repeat callers and reasons for the call – on active forbearance accounts.

With the initial forbearance terms coming to an end, the FCI team is currently creating new custom dashboards to track the collections conversations and identify new areas of opportunity: borrowers wanting to understand their repayment options, collection calls and loss mitigation conversations.

Tangible outcomes


interactions were COVID related


customers requesting for payment assistance


borrowers in active

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