Firstsource delivers 10% increase in patient experience scores for major UK healthcare organisation


Our client is a leading medical organisation focused on patient recruitment for clinical drug trials in the UK.

They approached Firstsource to help understand the reasons why patients were contacting them and the different types of patients responsible for negative service issues. The client required support to identify opportunity areas within the customer service environment which could improve customer experience, increase the appointment rate and reduce the cost-to-serve.

Business challenge

  • Patients failed in questionnaires or refused study over a call; this was due to lack of information within the questionnaire or due to lack of clarity around the terms and conditions mentioned on the website and the letter sent
  • Low patient experience scores and compliance scores

Firstsource solution

firstCustomer Intelligence

Our firstCustomer Intelligence (FCI) analytics tool measures customer sentiment, emotions and behaviours across an omni-channel environment. Through FCI, we can bring structure to customer interactions and combine them with existing structured data to arrive at actionable insights. These are drawn from an in-depth, real-time analysis of customer engagement on voice and non-voice customer service channels.

Letter optimization

We identified the loopholes in the letter that was sent to customers. We gathered that the letter lacked relevant information about clinical trials, and adding the required information in the letter would reduce the number of customers calling and keep them well-informed about clinical trials.

System optimization

We also identified and suggested opportunities to improve their existing web chat and website to increase patient experience and compliance improvement.

Business impact


increase in appointments via system optimization


increase in patient experience scores


increase in contact deflection

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