US telecoms and media giant harnesses advanced analytics to stay ahead of customer demands


The client is a multibillion dollar global telecommunications and mass media conglomerate headquartered in the United States. With a subscriber base of over 28 million US customers, it is one of the largest quadruple play service providers in the country.

Business challenge

Customers often contacted the customer service teams on chat with highly technical queries. The technical nature of the queries made it difficult for agents to fully understand customer problems and handle the chat sessions effectively. This pushed up costs in several ways, for example unnecessary truck rolls, where agents would dispatch an engineer to visit the customer, which later turned out to be unnecessary. Or sometimes customers would end the session mid-way and visit a store in-person to solve their problems.

The client saw an opportunity to improve first-time resolution, reduce unnecessary truck rolls, and better satisfy customers. It partnered with Firstsource to understand customer interactions and agent performance better.

Firstsource solution

Firstsource deployed First Customer Intelligence (FCI), a proprietary solution that measures customer sentiments, emotions and behaviours and helps agents provide contextualised responses across multiple channels.

  • Leveraging FCI, Firstsource’s team of experts examined large volumes of customer interactions, performed voice analysis of customer (VOC), and carefully studied first contact resolution (FCR) in near real-time.
  • Using the factors identified through VOC and FCR analysis, the teams created an Associate Performance Index.
  • Finally, they leveraged the Associate Performance Index to generate a report that monitored all agent-customer interactions, enabling supervisors to conduct effective coaching conversations.

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Business impact

Effective coaching and constructive feedback based on Associate Performance Index led to:

  • 25% drop in unnecessary truck rolls.
  • 80% increase in first time resolution on highly technical queries, and 4% growth in overall first time resolution to 82%.
  • +20 point improvement in NPS scores.
  • 20% increase in agent performance scores.


increase in first-time resolution


point improvement in NPS


Increase in agent performance score

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