Leading online TV service provider improves complaints handling and boost customer satisfaction using advanced analytics


The client is a division of a pan-European telecommunications company, offering subscription-based internet television and video-on-demand services in the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Business challenge

The online TV service provider’s contact centers handled customer support for its streaming and on-demand content services, covering approximately 2.5 million UK and Irish subscribers.

The customer service teams handled customer queries and complaints through webchat, email, social media and phone. The core problem was that advisers weren’t tagging complaints accurately – tagging accuracy was assessed at just 70%. This created compliance risk and also hindered meaningful analysis of customer dissatisfaction, making it difficult to improve customer service.

The provider wanted to gather deeper insights from customer complaints to identify gaps and improve the customer query handling process and overall NPS. Specific goals were to improve tagging accuracy above 90% and overall NPS from the current +47.

Firstsource solution

The company partnered with Firstsource to analyze customer complaints and use the insights to improve the complaints handling process as well as the overall customer experience.

The Firstsource solution included voice and text analytics, root cause analysis, creation and deployment of a training program for associates based on these insights, and assessment and accreditation of associates at the end.

The Firstsource team adopted a phased approach to solution deployment. In the analytics phase, the team deployed firstCustomer Intelligence (FCI), our proprietary customer intelligence solution, to analyze customer conversations. The tool uses natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment scoring to better understand customer dissatisfaction areas by analyzing negative emotions, words and phrases.

In the next phase, the team evaluated the data in each category to identify the root cause (for example business or adviser limitation) of customer complaints and inaccurate complaint tagging. The team then recommended process improvements to help individual advisers accurately tag complaints and effectively address specific complaint types.

Finally, the Firstsource team applied the insights to develop a training program for advisers, team leaders and contact center managers. Participants had to pass an assessment to show they could accurately recognize nine out of every ten complaints. Those failing the test were required to repeat the training.