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Flood Certificate

Using robotic process automation to expedite flood certificate compliance check and testing

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  • 100% automation of test preparation and data matching process

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    Problem Statement

    The client’s Qualified Mortgage (QM) Default department performed quality control checks to ensure compliance with the rule, which required manual data aggregation from disparate databases and source systems, leading to long cycle times and a high error rate – ultimately increasing the risk of non-compliance and penalties.


    Our team of experts collaborated closely with client stakeholders to understand their requirements, obtain necessary approvals to access internal tools, and develop the Business Requirements Document (BRD) and the Software Design Document (SDD). Next, the team used an iterative process to minimize errors in the design of the innovative solution – one that combined Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with SQL queries and Macro solutions to automate workflows and help move the data between databases and users,

    Tech Specs

    Flood Certificate CoBot is an unattended digital employee powered by Automation Anywhere RPA suite and can be easily integrated with any system.  It has been implemented on a widely used workflow platform.


    • Standardize tester templates to reduce variance in audit results
    • Trigger automated emails for the document database team to access relevant files for quality control review and audits, enabling them to take corrective action and make continuous improvements

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