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Analytics as a Service​

Analytics services for high-impact decision making

Deep data insights to build strategies, drive change and realize superior outcomes

Drive stellar performance during turbulent times

The biggest roadblock to deriving value from the data coursing through your organization? Harnessing it before it expires.
During these highly uncertain times, ensure that your stakeholders have the right information, at the right time, to power insightful decisions and growth. Our analytics-as-a-service offering spans the entire spectrum – from Advisory to Managed Services.

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Advisory Services​

Lay the foundation for analytics success by better understanding your customers, driving specific business objectives and assessing impact. Take this a step further with Ops Embedded Consulting to identify opportunities for revenue lift or cost savings. ​

Advisory Services​

Enabling services

Successfully deploy and drive interaction analytics with training and tool set up support. Extend your analytics capabilities further with our staff augmentation and operationalization of analytics engines.

Enabling services

Managed services

Empower your business through continual improvements using interaction analytics, business intelligence, predictive analytics and data management-as-a -service.

Managed services

AI-enabled services

Develop and deploy innovative analytics and automation products – at scale. Automate manual processes using AI/ML for unmatched accuracy and efficiency and drive exceptional customer experiences.

AI-enabled services

Industry solutions

Explore insights

Going beyond traditional customer surveys and performance metrics with voice and speech analytics

A 3-step approach to harnessing the richness of voice data

Stay ahead with Firstsource

Computer Vision

based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution to automate Mailroom operations leveraging AI/ML and Optical Character Recognition

Detractor Predictor Models

analyze large volumes of unstructured customer interactions and pinpoint customers likely to churn

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

based solution for sentiment analysis to derive insights from social media data, leading to better customer understanding and reduced grievances.

Stay ahead with Firstsource

Revenue and volume forecasting using

SARIMA Time Series

to predict revenue and call volumes for next three months

Classification and Prioritization

solution powered by advanced ML algorithms like Support Vector Machines, Random Forest and XG Boost, for predicting customer churn, propensity to purchase and propensity to pay.

Dashboards and visualization

solution to drive cash collections and optimize cost to collect.

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