Last year, we rolled out a vision for One Firstsource: a unified, consistent approach to boost our brand and maximize upselling and cross-selling.

A big part of this journey is our shared brand positioning. It's like our compass, keeping us all on track as our company grows. It highlights what makes us different from others and elevates our strengths. When we tell this story effectively in the market, it means smoother sales processes, better efficiency, and a unified perception of our brand no matter who we talk to – whether that’s clients, analysts, investors, or other employees.

Our leadership, marketing, and creative teams are here to support you as we move toward these collective goals, providing tools, guidance, and training to make it second nature to work together to communicate and create from a shared, recognizable brand identity.

We've updated the core story we’re telling as a company, moving away from Digital First, Digital Now and focusing on how we excel at creating results. Why away from Digital First, Digital Now? The sentiment stands: we’re a technology-focused organization and we help our clients become the same. But as technology continues to become more and more ubiquitous, we needed a story that showed how we across Firstsource are different, how we’re strong through the digital lens by which we solve problems – whether than be data, analytics, AI/ML, quantum computing, or whatever is next.

We want to show how we’re different instead of only telling. You’ll see this in our visual brand as well. It’s a bit bolder, more modern through the typography, the images we use, and how we design with shapes, gradients, drop shadows and our layout choices.

Check out the Asset Library section of the Living Guidelines portal to get access to the things you use every day – like fonts, PowerPoint templates and approved images. You'll find logo files, updated color palettes, and shapes ready for immediate download and use. Creative team members have access to all these assets right now. For those outside the creative team—sales, marketing, and others—our new system fonts and necessary asset files relevant to your needs are available for your immediate use too.

We're continuously developing more resources, which we’ll add to the Asset Library as they're rolled out. Is there something you need but you can’t find it? Have questions about how to use our messaging or visuals? Reach out [corporate.communications@firstsource.com].

What’s staying the same? Tactically: the logo and our name. Philosophically: Everything you do best.

Our new positioning and messaging are rooted in what everyone in our company already does well: delivering results for our clients. We’re just making it easier to share that story in a simple way and get credit for it.

One Firstsource doesn’t happen without every single one of us being engaged. We want you to be engaged in two ways:

  1. Ensuring you are using the latest version of our visual identity – be it fonts, signatures, PowerPoint template, etc
  2. Actively demonstrating and living the positioning – reflect the confidence and capability lying within the phrase We make it happen – because it is truly YOU who make it happen.

But is there anything you need to share with clients or vendors? Nope. This message will speak for itself. It’s about our outcomes and the more we share those, the more we’re proving our brand. They may notice our new look and feel, and you can share that our goal is to always be improving, modernizing, and creating efficiencies internally, for our clients, and even through our brand. We hope you’re as proud of this brand as those who created it are and tell anyone who recognizes it as much.

Think of our messaging framework as a strategic toolkit rather than strict rules. Different from our internal strategic goal of One Firstsource, We make it happen isn’t, ultimately, about us – it’s about telling a single story of how we deliver for stakeholders in a way that’s relevant for the specific people and channel you’re talking to them through.

You can think of this key message or the supporting messages that prove how we do it as foundational building blocks, or guiding ideas, that we continuously reinforce in our communication, as opposed to word-for-word copy.

Importantly, We make it happen is not a tagline. We may use it exactly in important moments, but we want our stakeholders – clients, investors or employees, to understand it as more than a phrase, but a way that we think, how we work, and what we deliver with our clients.

For example, you might create awareness with statements like "Better, faster loans happen here.” Attract talent with “We make careers happen.” Or, drive purchase with "Let's make it happen" as a compelling call-to-action. Other times, you’ll want to highlight outcomes, to prove what we make happen, or demonstrate our dedication to making things happen instead of using a variation of the phrase.

Our visual guidelines give the creative team a solid structure to work with, allowing for creativity and flexibility. Stick to these guidelines to make our outcomes-based story pop and ensure it's easy to read. Firstsourcers not on the creative team should use approved templates to keep everything looking sharp and consistent. You'll find handy tips throughout our living guidelines on tailoring our messaging based on audience, stage, and problem type.

Regardless of our role or business unit, we all have in common: our commitment to solving tough problems with our clients and helping them get to results that grow their business. To adapt our messaging to your specific business unit, ask yourself:

  • Who are you talking to?
  • Where are they in their customer journey?
    What challenges are they facing?
  • What do they most need to overcome, unlock or achieve—and how can you center your communication around that need?

Photos are another way to ensure relevance to your business unit. Photos in the Asset Library are tagged #brand for brand-level communications, and photos with your specific business unit for photos available for use in those verticals. This library will grow over time. That said, as photography is becoming a core aspect of our visual expression, we ask that you do not source your own images across the internet via Google Images, Shutterstock, Midjourney or any other photo site. Instead, a sample of approved images will be included in the new Powerpoint template, and additional approved individual images tagged by vertical will be downloadable from the Asset Library. The Creative team has been trained in sourcing new photos for the library in alignment with our new photography guidelines. If there is a particular kind of photo you need, please reach out to your marketing contact to request it.

You can also find ways to adjust your use of color to specific stages of our customer journey in the Color guidelines page of the Living Guidelines portal.

You can pull out outcomes for use in our existing case studies and/or talk to your business marketing leader. They’ll have some readily available or will work with you to track the right ones down for your needs.

Beyond that, know that some of the most important outcomes will come to life in your daily conversations and interactions. For instance, if you're in customer service, your quick problem-solving might ensure a happy customer. You can also use language that focuses on outcomes when talking to colleagues, clients, and leaders. Instead of just mentioning tasks, highlight the results they'll achieve. For example, say "I finished the project ahead of schedule, helping our client meet their deadline." Share success stories in team meetings or through internal channels, showing how your work benefits clients or the organization.

If you’re unsure about sharing an outcome, talk to your manager first.
Remember, always, always, always get approval before sharing client names or results externally.

Share your success stories with your marketing contact or send them to corporate.communications@firstsource.com. We're continuously curating, reviewing, and approving proof points and case studies to showcase our achievements. The marketing team will review and, if suitable, create content based on your submissions.

You'll receive updates and additional examples through your team lead, who will distribute outcome-based materials to you. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to email us at corporate.communications@firstsource.com.

You can share questions or comments with our brand implementation team corporate.communications@firstsource.com.

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Eddie Monteiro

Eddie is currently Chief Operating Officer at Educational Testing Service (ETS), where he sets and drives the transformation agenda across the company and has responsibility for all technology and operations functions in addition to the College Board, K-12, and teacher licensure businesses. He previously ran business and technology services at Pearson, where he built a global team to enable scalable delivery of enterprise functions. Prior to that, while at IBM, he held several executive leadership roles in the US, Mexico and Brazil across a diverse set of industries and clients.
Geetha Krishnan

Geetha Krishnan

Geetha Krishnan consults with the Indian Institute for Human Settlements in Bangalore as Senior Advisor and Head of Digital Blended Learning, where he spearheads their online learning and continuing education portfolio. Over 25 years, Geetha has played senior roles in diverse sectors such as academia, online learning, and advertising. In his last role as Director – Centre for Executive Education at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Geetha was head of the profit center comprising more than 50 open enrollment and long duration programs and spearheaded ISB’s foray into online learning by enabling their partnership with Coursera.
Susan Aldridge

Susan Aldridge

Dr. Aldridge is an Executive Higher Education Consultant to university presidents and ministers of education regarding business models and technology-enhanced education. She recently retired from Drexel University after serving six years as president of Drexel University Online overseeing more than 125 online programs. During her six-year tenure as President of University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), she doubled the university’s enrollment to 97,000 – to become the largest public American university. She also served as Vice Chancellor for Troy University’s Global Campus managing online programs and satellite campuses in 12 countries and 17 states.

Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg

Previously Director Apple Education EMEA and APAC, Alan led the team that built Education Podcasting and iTunes U. He has worked on the development of Apple Education mobile strategy, iOS Education APPs, and developed the SEED CSR project in China, a collaboration between Apple, Foxconn, and Pearson. Executive Board of WideCells Group Plc, Group CBDO, and EVP & Founder of Wideacademy; his working contributions include multiple technology engagements providing domain expertise across digital, mobile, brand, scale-up, international business development, and venture capital.

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