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MLO–Originator Assistant

Extracting information from standard & non-standard documents during origination process for both VA & FHA loans

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OCR & Robotic Process Automation





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  • Up to 70% process steps fully automated
  • 250% increase in loan processing capacity

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    Problem Statement

    The evaluation of documentation and the comparison of information in the LOS is time-consuming and mundane, and data correction increases the likelihood of human error.


    Digital employee classifies and extracts information from standard & non-standard mortgage documents, that is updated by an RPA suite in the Loan Origination System (LOS) with exceptions routed to human processors.

    Tech Specs

    MLO – Originator Assistant is an unattended digital employee powered by Mquotient OCR & Automation Anywhere RPA suite and can be easily integrated with any Loan Origination System(LOS).


    • Extracting data from documents like 1003, Bank Statement, LE, URLA Addendum, GUS Findings, AUS, ITP, Credit Report, Mortgage Statement, Note, Deed, Payoff, Purchase Agreement, VA Docs, FHA Docs, Borrower Authorization, Asset and Income Docs
    • Identifying and triggering exception routing to human processors
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