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HFS Highlight: Firstsource’s newest partnerships target the patient experience for healthcare clients

The fundamental challenge facing the US healthcare system is the counter intuitive notion of delivering less (in terms of declining utilization) for more (through higher spending). Addressing this productivity paradigm is within the immediate control of both Health Plans and Providers.

To enable the healthcare industry in transitioning to a digital-first fulfillment ecosystem, Firstsource Health Plans and Healthcare Services (HPHS) has been building a portfolio of technology partnerships to drive innovation

The HFS Research provides insights into:

  • How Firstsource’s 3P framework enables digital optimization and drives business outcomes for healthcare firms
  • How Firstsource is bolstering industry-focused capabilities with its partnership with Zappix and Uniphore
  • How Firstsource’s partner strategy will unlock deep customer and employee value for healthcare organizations

Learn more about Firstsource’s portfolio of tech partnerships driving innovation to better serve clients across the care continuum.

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