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AI is Transforming Higher Education. But Is It Worth the Unintended Consequences?

As we move further towards harnessing AI’s capabilities, we must also consider the unintended consequences that follow:

  • How do we account for honoring diversity when using algorithms?
  • What type of conversation is ethical when coming from Chatbots?
  • Who will hold the door open for creativity?

Drawing from valuable experience in higher education, Dr. Aldridge hypothesizes on all this and more. If you’re wondering about AI’s place in our creative world, download the white paper here.

Dr. Susan C. Aldridge is the Interim President of Thomas Jefferson University and previously served as the President of Drexel University Online. Dr. Aldridge is a recognized higher education leader, strategist, and futurist, who has held executive leadership positions in some of the country’s largest universities.

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