firstCustomer Intelligence (FCI) boosts borrower experience and improves sales conversion for top 10 lender

Within three months FCI analyzed 3.3 million calls across sales, operations and servicing. The results helped the client increase sales conversion, reduce repeat callers and identify and improve call avoidance behaviors.

The client

A top 10 mortgage lender with operations in all 50 states, originating conventional, FHA and VA loans.

Business challenge

Today’s borrowers demand a seamless and customized borrower experience on a channel of their choice and at a time of their convenience. Delivering such tailored borrower experiences requires lenders to gather deep customer insights. The client, however, lacked the capability to analyze large volumes of unstructured call recording data to gather real-time views of associate performance and customer sentiment. Data gathered from traditional customer surveys and operational metrics combined with limited call monitoring capabilities restricted the client’s ability to effectively measure customer experience.

The client wanted to implement an intelligent customer analytics solution to understand customer sentiment and emotions across the entire customer journey to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Firstsource solution

Firstsource collaborated with the client to deploy firstCustomer Intelligence (FCI), a proprietary speech and voice analytics solution, to expand its view beyond traditional customer surveys and performance metrics. The solution helps gather multi-dimensional insights across four major pillars: quality and risk, associate performance, business intelligence and customer experience.

  • Quality and risk: Automates compliance and monitors 100% of the calls provided by the client across 1,000 associates – a mix of Customer Service Associates, Loan Officers, Processors, Schedulers and Closers – currently deployed on the account. It ensures targeted call monitoring enabling the client’s Quality Team to focus on outliers and increase monitoring of low performers, and generates daily reports to improve associate performance through coaching.
  • Associate performance: Measures customer experience across all calls (inbound/outbound) to identify best practices, reduce associate call avoidance, enable daily performance measurement, and ensure behavioral governance.
  • Business intelligence: Analyzes customer conversations to understand conversation topics and optimize processes and contact channels, enabling deflection of calls to lower-cost channels.
  • Customer experience: Measures interactions with customers by helping the client understand contact reasons, customer emotions and key dissatisfaction triggers – why customers are calling and what they are feeling. It also enables end-to-end customer journey mapping and NPS prediction to identify potential super detractors.

Using these insights, the client is now able to ensure that associates are targeting the right customers with the right messages for improved customer experience.

Business impact


Increase in transfers to refinance


Savings annually

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