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Automation delivers 12X increase in QA capacity for a top US bank

The challenge: Manual quality assurance (QA) processes driving inefficiencies

Our client was one of the largest banks in the US, providing banking, investment, mortgage, trust, and payment services products to individuals, businesses, governmental entities, and other financial institutions.

Every day, the Quality Assurance team in their Risk Management department processed hundreds of delinquent loans to ensure compliance with regulations regarding the issuance of the 45-Day Letter – as per Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) guidelines. The team relied on manual processes, which resulted in high cycle time and error rates. What’s more, staff had limited understanding of the tools provided by the existing Managed Services Provider (MSP) and found them difficult to use..

The client wanted to improve its QA outcomes and partnered with Firstsource to automate two of its QA processes.

The solution: Robotic Process Automation with remote implementation

Firstsource deployed its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, adopting a remote approach to implementation. Distributed teams of process and development experts based in India, began collaborating with the client in the US via online platforms to understand their specific needs. As a first step, process experts developed the Business Requirements Documents (BRD) and Software Design Documents (SDD) in conjunction with client stakeholders in the US.

Next, the solution design and development teams collaborated to create robotic and macros-based scripts in the designated testing environment.

We developed and shared user stories with the client on a weekly basis, iteratively incorporating improvements and ensuring timely delivery of error-free scripts. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) was also conducted remotely.

The Firstsource solution helped automate information extraction from SQL databases, triggering email alerts to the client’s QA teams to ensure timely compliance.

The result: Marked improvement in process efficiencies and QA capacity

Leveraging its remote implementation methodology, Firstsource automated the bank’s Quality Assurance processes, increasing capacity for QA testing by 12X and reducing processing time by 90%.

What’s more, we were able to deliver 100% process automation remotely and achieve 100% data accuracy across processes.


Business Impact


Increase in capacity for quality testing


Data accuracy


Reduction in processing time


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