Firstsource Healthcare Cloud: Patient Engagement Portal

Leveraging an omnichannel approach to interacting with patients

Improving patient financial experience

Bridge the gap between traditional and modern communication channels

Digitally enhancing patient engagement and providing clarity into patient financial responsibility can translate to a higher payment yield.

Firstsource Healthcare Cloud: Patient Engagement Portal is a seamless, easy to use, one-stop application powered by financial and behavioral analytics. Using the portal, patients can view statements, upload supporting documents, apply for financial assistance, add or correct demographic and insurance information, lodge complaints, and manage communication preferences, including opt-out.

The 24/7 self-service portal integrates with existing systems from across a spectrum of technologies using Rest APIs, Webhooks, SFTP, and LDAP.

Outcomes delivered

Deeper insights to heighten engagement

Improved Cash Recoveries

Lower cost to collect

Lower bad debt expense

Enhanced patient experience

See how we bring it all together

The holistic Firstsource solution includes an entire stack of digital-first patient engagement and Eligibility and Enrollment solutions. They are designed to uncover missing patient information and enhance engagement with patients across their journey, dramatically improving patient satisfaction as well as financial performance for hospitals.

Patient Engagement Portal

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Digital solutions that provide business continuity for hospital RCM during the pandemic and beyond

Rural critical access hospital reduces charity care by 60% and improves patient outcomes

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