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Intelligent end-to-end financial
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Banks and credit card providers face an ever-changing landscape in APP scams, plastics fraud and anti-money laundering. The business goals are clear: reduce losses; reduce costs of fraud and scam prevention and AML; and limit the impact these have on customer experience.

Several operational challenges make this hard for banks and credit card companies, including:

  • Constantly changing fraudster and scammer tactics
  • The number of false-positives and the impact these have on customers
  • Resourcing teams, including being able to scale up and down as needed
  • Making end-to-end fraud and AML operations and technology fit for purpose

Our fraud and AML solutions

Firstsource fraud solutions

Front-line customer service

  • Investigating transactions
  • Handling screening calls with customers
  • Blocking and unblocking payments
  • Managing OTPs
  • Managing disputes and charge-back

Back-office operations

  • Real time monitoring of transactions
  • Managing rules for alerts
  • Investigation of false positives and true positives


  • Assessment of end-to-end fraud operations with recommendations and solutions on cost optimisation
  • Fraud detection and reduction

Technology platform deployment

  • Identity management, authentication
  • Transaction authorisation

Our AML services


  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Source of Funds / Source of Wealth, Ultimate Beneficial Owner checks
  • Onboarding KYC Check
  • Periodic reviews

AML alerts

  • Customer screening
  • Payment screening
  • Sanctions screening
  • PEP/Adverse media screening
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Reporting (SAR, CTR)


  • Program Maturity assessment
  • AML Risk assessment
  • Process/digital transformation

Data and technology

  • Data strategy
  • Data Management

Keeping your customers and your business safe and compliant

Our solutions are designed, tested, and proven to strengthen fraud and AML processes.

Advanced automation and analytics

Intelligent automation, enriched with FCC-trained Gen-AI, streamlines and accelerates work, reduces error, and strengthens data analytics and reporting. Machine Learning-driven predictive analytics flag up potential issues, so agents can step in and solve problems before they happen. Financial organizations get actionable, real-time insights and 360° visibility into their fraud and AML activity, and customers get the support they need faster.

Specialist talent
on tap

With deep domain expertise, Firstsource is a trusted partner to leading financial institutions. Firstsource Financial Crime Compliance blends this experience and expertise with specialist FCC advice and talented on- and offshore teams with the niche skills you need to excel at compliance.

Partner Ecosystem

Firstsource’s partner eco-system comprises of vendors providing fluid, encrypted and secure omni channel contact and self-service solutions to manage the front and back-office operations. The IDV solutions orchestrates authentication across channel, transactions, payments & events. The fraud decision engines enables the design and prioritisation of fraud management rules

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