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Put the power of automation in the hands of your people

Create true business agility

In today’s digital-first world, winning companies are those that transform at speed. Equipping people, even those without programming skills, with the right tools and skills hastens digital transformation. Employees are more engaged and invested in digital solutions they help create.

Firstsource’s Automation League makes it easy for the employees on your frontlines to identify automation opportunities based on the challenges they face, and then design and build their own solutions. In doing so, it not only improves productivity but also highlights the role of technology as an enabler and deepens employee engagement with your organization’s digital transformation agenda.

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Transform from the ground up
Automation League changes the rules of the game. When people develop their own problem-solving bots, the bots get used because they work, not because they’ve been told to use them.
Achieve more, faster
Automating repetitive tasks gives people more time to focus on higher value tasks. People learn to trust technology and develop a digital-first mindset for problem solving, ultimately doing less but achieving more.
Recruit for success
Identifying and training people who are currently performing manually intensive tasks and with aptitude for technology increases the chances of success. Watch them turn into your program evangelists.

Here’s how the Automation League is already making a difference to our business, and yours


Hike in efficiency


Days, employee-hours saved in a year


Accuracy for processes


Automation ideas


Robots implemented

Sundara Sukavanam, CDO, Firstsource provides insights on the need for democratizing automation through a citizen development model and empowering the workforce to compete in a digital-first environment.

Stay ahead with Firstsource

We’ve partnered with the best to maximize impact. Our Automation League training methodology integrates a digital mindset with a unique skilling methodology and mentoring to maximize impact.

BPO partner to scale efficiently

Our onshore/offshore footprint helps you effectively assess and plan in the pre-acquisition phase and drive desired outcomes in the post-acquisition phase.

Joint go-to-market

Leverage our leadership position in sectors such as Healthcare, Financial Services and TMT to identify GTM opportunities and drive joint GTM strategies.

Digital transformation

Assess digital transformation potential and drive rapid transformation using DECC, Intelligent Automation, platforms, and analytics.

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Behind the hype: does citizen development really work?

Firstsource Automation League : Democratizing automation at Firstsource with citizen development

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