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  • People first

    At Firstsource, employees are our most valuable asset.

    We know that happy, motivated and rewarded people are the best way of delivering excellence to our clients and building a world-class organisation.

    Hiring talent

    Firstsource is constantly on the look-out for people who can deliver value to our clients and contribute to our success.

    TOM, our employee referral programme, is a vital part of our recruitment process and staff are encouraged to introduce friends, family members, or former colleagues to career opportunities at Firstsource. Current staff wanting to find out more about TOM can write to use on our contact page

    Growing talent

    We believe in building a culture of recognition where exemplary performance is generously rewarded.

    Every Firstsource employee receives a personal development plan to help map out their progress within the organisation. Operating in India, the US, the UK, Ireland, and the Philippines, we are able to offer employees opportunities to start or expand their careers across the world. We also offer employees a comprehensive suite of benefits and performance-based rewards.

    Employer of Choice

    At Firstsource, we take our role as an employer of choice seriously. Our policies are designed to ensure that our employees are happy. Our open door policy and annual Employee Satisfaction survey help us understand what our employees are feeling and what we can do to build on their satisfaction.

    We encourage all Firstsource employees to connect with one another and the world beyond through a programme of social activities. We know that maintaining a work-life balance is important, and as such as we have put in place flexible working models and regular well-being days.


    Our values are what makes Firstsource, Firstsource. They guide our policies, communicate who we are and let employees know what to expect when they work with us.

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    Health & Safety

    The health and safety of our people is our first priority and our code of conduct is designed to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We aim to provide a safe and risk-free environment to all employees, which is adequate in its facilities and arrangements by continuously striving to reduce work related injuries, fatalities, or disasters and by reducing work place related injuries and diseases.

    Equal Opportunities

    Firstsource is committed to promoting equal opportunities and helping employees to grow and succeed, free from discrimination and victimisation. We eliminate any conditions, procedures or individual behavior that can lead to discrimination with respect to race, gender, disability, sexuality, age, religion and belief along with any other employment related issues.

    A great place to build your career

    Firstsource nurtures constant learning amongst all its employees and offers development opportunities at all stages of careers.

    As well as day to day and self-learning, we work to provide best in class training programmes for our employees, to ensure that they are motivated and delivering great results for our clients. All of our programmes are designed to develop management skills, helping us to build a business of leaders.

    Firstsource Academy

    The Firstsource Academy takes a university-style approach to learning, allowing individual employees to tailor courses in line with their own self-development. Academy learning is open to managers across the business, from operations to support functions, and gives employees access to experienced trainings, sector consultants and customer experience specialists.

    Enhancing education

    To help employees continue their education whilst working with us, Firstsource has developed a higher education programme. Through the programme, we offer employees the chance to benefit from our high education scholarship fund, a fund created to assist employees pursuing higher education whilst at work, and apply to complete at BSc (Honours) Customer Contact Management degree in conjunction with Ulster University. This degree programme has been designed to equip Firstsource employees with all they need to succeed in the customer experience industry.

    Career Growth

    Future Leaders' Initiative

    Firstsource’s Future Leaders’ Initiative was launched as part of our plan to identify, develop, retain and leverage talent in our organisation. The initiative has been designed to recognise and empower future leaders in our business and is open to employees of all levels.

    Internal Mobility Programme

    Firstsource is committed to promoting from within. “Wings Within” is Firstsource’s internal mobility programme, which provides a fair and equal opportunity to all employees in the organisation to grow and take on new roles and responsibilities. Firstsource also provides opportunities for lateral movements across the organisation.


    Performance-Driven Culture

    Firstsource encourages employees to constantly learn and grow. We believe that with the right support, everyone at Firstsource has the potential to become a leader in our organisation and beyond.

    Our performance based culture is underpinned by the Firstsource Performance Management System – ACE (Achieve, Enable & Challenge). This helps us align our people plans with the vision for the Firstsource business so that everyone understands their role, responsibilities and contribution to the success of our organisation.

    Recognition & Reward

    Recognition & Reward

    At Firstsource, reward and recognition are more than just buzzwords; they are an important part of our culture. Our policies are inclusive, and ensure that everyone in the Firstsource organisation has opportunities to succeed. Only by motivating our employees can we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and their customers.


    Development Opportunities

    We don’t believe that anyone at Firstsource should be stagnant. This is why we offer our employees a wealth of development opportunities and ensure that they take the lead in deciding which direction they would like their careers to move in.

    From our development-from-within approach to business, to the Firstsource internal mobility programme, our employees are able to progress as they wish – even moving disciplines and departments to better understand our business and take on new responsibilities.


    Collaborative Environment

    At Firstsource, our network of employees work together openly and honestly to achieve the best results for our clients.

    We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals across levels and operational expertise to join our network and help us grow. We are committed to empowering our employees with the tools and flexibility they need to deliver customer experience excellence for our brand partners.

    Stories of success from around the world

    UK   -   US   -   India   -   Philippines

    Mahesh Turaga

    Senior Vice President,
    Client Services

  • UK
  • Colin Ward

    Leadership and Management Development

  • UK
  • I started with Firstsource in September 2006 (coming up to my 10 year anniversary!). I have managed SKY training across global locations (Derry, Bangalore and Mumbai) I have managed training for multiple clients across the UK & Ireland for a few years, and in the past few years have had the opportunity to setup and lead the UK LMD team which I have really enjoyed. Presently I have a dual role where I lead the SKY training teams in the UK as well as the UK LMD team.

    I am passionate about on-going learning and development, and the part that plays in continued success in any organization, so the chance to shape that for Firstsource is an exciting one that I hope to continue doing into the future.

    "Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?" was the final question posed to me during my interview with Firstsource. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that I would be working in a completely different geography in a different capacity and domain.

    Firstsource is the first company that I have worked for that actually follows their stated values. The way I have been treated over the last 7 years shows that Firstsource actually believes in the statement that "Employees Are Our Greatest Strength."

    It has been great working on a team with people from different cultures and different experiences because I have learnt a lot from my managers and my peers and continue to do so. I love working for Firstsource because of the unique balance we have as a corporation. We have a great customer portfolio, strong geographical presence across the globe and talented employees that forms the classification of a large conglomerate.

    Joining Firstsource was one of the best decisions of my life.

    Jennifer Condren

    Human Resources Officer, Managed Services

  • UK
  • Les Swift

    Operational Change Manager

  • UK
  • I started as a part time Sky TV Technical agent, after university I went full time and the following year I took a temporary position in HR to help with audit admin. I stayed with HR as Admin then moved to recruitment admin eventually becoming a recruitment executive. After helping out with some recruitment for a new project I was offered the opportunity to relocate to England and become a HR officer.

    My aim within my current career with Firstsource is that, I want to help make a difference and make things better in any way I can, whether that was customers, employees or my team. I love helping newer members of the team develop like the many people who put time into my development.

    Working across multiple client contracts has given me a greater understanding of how different businesses and clients operate in an ever changing environment and has given me the tools to progress in my current role as Operational Change Manager for the service estate.

    My dreams and aspirations within Firstsource now is to develop and grow the Operational Change team/department to fully support the organisation and it client portfolio to ensure the highest level of consistency and effective change is delivered right across the business, not only for our clients but for our current internal procedures and processes.

    Kathryn Chivers

    Vice President, Operations

  • UK
  • Sarah Meleady

    Acting Team Leader

  • UK
  • I have been in Firstsource for 4 years, joining the company in June 2012. I currently head up the Welsh business and 3 other clients as well as Sky. My career has continued to flourish, joining as General Manager and then promoted to Vice President in 2014. I have supported the development of new business to grow Firstsource in the UK and have been passionate to see the business grow from 490 staff to well over 1,200 in Cardiff alone was a really proud moment for me.

    What I really enjoy about Firstsource is that our people are number 1, developing staff to reach their career potential and engagement is priority. The support I have received from managers and peers across the group has been faultless and I really feel valued and part of a leading team.

    I started in RBS as a call advisor and was off calls supporting with the new training groups and academies in January 2015. Since then I have progressed to a DC with all new academy groups transitioning into BAU and I am now an acting TL and have been looking after a team from July 2015. I have had a lot of support from the training team and the operational group in getting to where I am today as they gave me the opportunity to work with the academies and helped me to develop into a DC and further into an acting team leader by offering constant support.

    I would eventually like to be a full team leader within Firstsource and continue to progress with my career in the company. I would of course like to continue to move up in the company but at the minute I have my sights set on Team Leader in the RBS campaign and to continue working within the company and continue with their support of helping me become the best manager I can be.

    Aileen Biou

    Supervisor - Virtual Care Department, Healthcare

  • US
  • Erin Turner

    Senior Director of Eligibility

  • US
  • During my new hire training I knew that I wanted to excel and move into a leadership/management role with MedAssist understanding dedication and flexibility would be a key to accomplish this goal. With advanced career goals in mind I have dedicated myself to learn from all opportunities and to be flexible to the ever changing business needs of the healthcare environment. Over the last 4 years I have held positions which have provided eligibility experiences and prepared me for the role as Senior Director of Eligibility.

    Advancing my career is a path I plan to continue upon but, most importantly I want to always lead by example helping our teams achieve their aspirations while providing exceptional service to our clients! Ultimately, I am thankful for my leadership as they recognize my dreams, have confidence in my abilities and give me the opportunity to be successful.

    When I came to work at Firstsource, I had no idea how much I could actually love my job. When you ask me, “What are your favorite things about Firstsource?” I truly and honestly want to say, “Everything!”

    We are a customer service business, and everyone here is a customer service professional, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of this culture where people know each other by name and are always willing to help each other with any task.

    I have been here for less than two years and now I am leading a brand new project and it is my job to support my people and to help them grow and together we are successful. That’s how it is at Firstsource though, our leaders are innovative, they are always pushing us and pushing each other to strive for more, to learn new processes, to grow and to develop.

    I love it here, Firstsource feels like home.

    Dapo Lipede

    Manager - Training & Quality Department, Healthcare

  • US
  • Adam Pena

    Assistant Manager - Operations, Healthcare

  • US
  • I’ve worked with Firstsource for almost 8.5 years now and I stay here because I want to give back to the company that has helped make me who I am today, including the professional skills that this company has taught me.

    At one point I left to work for a direct service provider, but when an opportunity came up at Firstsource I knew this is where I wanted to be. It’s full circle for me.

    Firstsource provides excellent quality, and I am passionate about quality in what I do, and now as a manager I am working to improve quality everyday on many levels. We provide a quality work experience to our agents and agents provide a quality service to our customers, quality is at the heart of everything we do, it’s the show of Excellence as stated by our Values in IIPACE.

    I started with Firstsource because I heard good things about this company for other people in the industry, former and current employees of Firstsource.

    Within one year, I was promoted three times, my career has evolved in a way that I never imagined possible, and it is only by the Career Pathing opportunities that Firstsource provides to their people. This company has a culture that is not matched by any other place I have worked, Firstsource cares about People-Centricity and growing their employees.

    I come to work every day and I am able to work with a leadership team that is creative, flexible and caring and I think, “Yes! These are my people, We are Firstsource.” And I love it.

    Jamie Foeller

    Manager, Receivables

  • US
  • In the last 13 years, I went from picking up the office mail and other various jobs to being a Receivables Manager. Mickey Verheyen gave me every opportunity to learn and grow within the company. Her drive is what keeps me going and pushing for more and more success, not just for myself but for the company. Also, I’ve received a constant stream of support, knowledge and partnership from her. Being able to feel accomplished within myself, while working for and alongside a solid group of people is an employee’s dream. I am lucky to experience that daily working for MedAssist.

    I know that my future here holds new and challenging opportunities and I look forward to those. The last 10 years have been on step after another, and my aspirations are to keep stepping in the right direction.

    Umesh Ramchandran

    General Manager, Finance

  • India
  • Shradha Sharma

    Assistant Manager, Employee Engagement

  • India
  • Working in a function which was niche had its limitations, or so I thought till I joined Firstsource 7 years ago.

    From the onset, the exposure was “glocal” in nature. Global thinking supported by local strengths is a reality made possible here by the unique set of individuals around me.

    Learning the unknown and understanding the not so obvious is a given. Growth in terms of learning for self, leading individuals and developing a team has contributed immensely to my personal and professional development. At Firstsource, opportunities abound, and for the smart doer, there are no limitations. Working across geographies and cultures is encouraged, ideas are supported and innovation is the norm. With exposure to global clients, industries and verticals, Firstsource offers any individual the chance to grow and learn.

    I came from a similar industry and a similar role, but in 7 years at Firstsource, not a day has passed when I have not learnt something new through my interactions with my peers, colleagues and mentors. We are poised today at the head of remarkable growth prospects, and I look forward to much more exciting times ahead!

    “I started my journey with Firstsource back in the year 2005, when BPO was considered as a booming and the only industry that would employ people on a higher package without any experience or exceptional qualification. I had just appeared for my TYBCOM exams and was awaiting my results to decide my way forward. Just then my friend asked me to accompany her to a placement agency where she was being interviewed for ICICI One source. The Recruiters at the agency convinced me to also appear for an interview and I was selected as a Customer Service Associate.

    I accepted the job offer thinking that I would work here for a couple of months and see how it goes. To my surprise couple of months turned into years and then there was no looking back. I started getting recognized right from my training days and this continued as I moved from training to BAU. My trainers, my team leaders and my managers always encouraged and inspired me to take up new challenges and assured me that this will help me shape up my career in Firstsource. I was assured at every stage that Firstsource as an organization promotes growth and ensures that all the positions are filled in through internal promotions. This soon turned into reality for me as I got my first promotion as a Trainer after completing 18 months in the company. As a trainer I got an opportunity to travel to various locations including the UK (client centre) for process migration. I was also presented with different roles within the training function that helped me grow as an individual.

    Firstsource also proved their commitment towards Employee Development when they supported my Post Graduation Degree (MBA in HR) through their ISURGE (Higher Education) policy. Post this my career gained impetus through an opening in the Human Resources Department and here I stand today doing my dream job as an HR Manager. Firstsource for me has been a life changing experience from a fresher to an accomplished HR professional”.

    Hoveyda Patel

    General Manager, Human Resources

  • India
  • Ayesha Sheikh

    Manager, Service Excellence

  • India
  • Firstsource truly believes in developing future leaders. I have been promoted thrice and have moved across different roles and functions but still I see opportunities to learn and grow in the company!
    I started my career with Firstsource in 2003 and the journey has been great so far, starting off as an advisor to handling a team as a training Manager. I love and enjoy working with Firstsource for its work culture.

    Archana Kewlani

    General Manager, Solution Design & Transition

  • India
  • Vineet Engineer

    DGM, Operations

  • India
  • I started my journey with Firstsource 15 years ago and since then it’s been a wonderful and a valuable experience working for a leading Business Process Management company. It’s the people who work here, who have made this journey beautiful. Our Organisational values allowed me to believe in myself and do best each day. It has offered me multiple opportunities to travel, learn and grow from an advisor to 6 levels up as a DGM today. The journey has been challenging at times but has given me many opportunities to sharpen my skills.
    I joined Firstsource in 2004 and I could not have imagined just how good of an opportunity I was walking into. I started off as a Team Leader in Operations and over the years was given an opportunity to work across different areas and roles. My career at Firstsource has been a perfect example of how an organization provides an employee with opportunities to work & excel across several functional areas.

    Subburaj Balasubramani

    Manager, Titles & Valuations

  • India
  • Priya Murali

    Associate Director at ISGN Solutions

  • India
  • I have been part of solution design and program management experience in leading all phases of outsourcing projects, across the Banking spectrum for 10 years now. I led teams to produce high quality proposals and documentation across broad business, financial and technical disciplines. I also facilitated an understanding of the key legal and financial levers and the major client drivers in order to ensure that pricing, legal position and proposal are aligned.
    I joined ISGN on Oct 2008 as an Analyst for Title Services. In the last 7 and half years, I have gained immense knowledge on the Title industry and developed my leadership skills. I have grown with the company and I’m proud to be a part of ISGN (now ISGN Solutions) as Manager of Title and Valuations Services. My managers gave me enough support and guidance to enhance my skills and implementthem the right way. The knowledge shared by my title underwriting and counsel on the Title process had changed my perspective to analyze the Title products effectively.

    Elenie Rose Herrera

    Team Leader

  • Philippines
  • Cristine Magno

    Senior Manager, Operations

  • Philippines
  • Throughout my career here at Firstsource I have gained knowledge of myself and my staff members. I've learned what motivates them, what makes them shine, and how important it is to recognize them for their contributions. Based on those experiences, I have grown as a person and my style of managing has changed in a positive way. I am responsible to promote a positive, friendly, compassionate and helpful environment for our team.

    It is important to me that our team is trained and seasoned to be confident so they can move up in the company. I enjoy teaching them how to become the best on what they do. It's really rewarding to see others excel in the company. I’ve seen a bunch of my staff who moved up to become Team leaders and Quality Analyst –It can be done - I’ve already seen it . And that is my success story here in Firstsource.

    I started my BPO career as a sales agent for other TELCO companies in bigger BPO players in the Philippines. Due to my experience with those bigger players, I was on boarded at FSL as a Team Leader. My previous BPO companies had equipped me with the basic full curriculum of managing a team which I used the maximum to become successful in FSL.

    When I started at FSL, I knew that there will be lots of growth opportunities. The great thing was that challenge made me stronger as a person and a manager. I felt accountable for everyone thus my decision-making skills were honed to the mind-set that whatever decision I made would touch the lives of the families of our employees.

    Given the opportunity, I aspire to become the next country head of this geography in the next two years.

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