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Mortgage lender improves process efficiency by ~30% and elevates customer experience

Key Requirements Re-engineer loan origination processes at the height of a mortgage boom and streamline inefficient lending processes. Itemize elements of the current loan origination process, identify new technology and business processes, and create an orderly plan for modernization. Prepare the client to internalize the technology and assume control of

Digital Debt Collection: An effective collection strategy for the digital age

A Quick Guide on best practices in collections strategies with automated solutions Why is everyone talking about Digital Debt Collection? Consumer debt in the US has increased nearly $2.3 trillion since the peak of the Great Recession in 2009—increasing across almost all debt products to top $14 trillion in 2019.

Mitigating the COVID-19 impact for Mortgage companies

The mortgage industry is facing a perfect storm. The huge amount of uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic combined with its economic impact is putting mortgage companies in a never-before-seen situation – increased pressure on both loan origination as well as default. On the origination side, mortgage companies have been hit

The future of mortgage lending: what will it look like in 2030?

It’s 2010. Beth is ready to buy her starter home. She knows closing on her mortgage is going to be a long process. She is frustrated by the number of hoops she must jump through and the amount of tedious paperwork she must complete and sign. There’s nothing she can

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