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3 key benefits of data analytics for Critical Access Hospitals

Hospitals and health systems find themselves in a financially precarious position, worsened by the pandemic. Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) have faced plummeting patient volumes due to significant reduction in non-emergent care.1 All at a time when hospitals were already struggling to meet the demands from a shifting landscape of new

Rural hospital business office transformation: Top 3 focus areas

Rural hospital leaders are not new to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) issues such as staffing shortages, higher uninsured rates, and claims reimbursement limitations. What is new is how Covid is exacerbating these challenges in new and unforeseen ways.  Servicing an older population with chronic conditions and shifting resources from high

The impact of patient financial experience on hospital profitability

As rising deductibles and co-pays turn patients into payers, financial interactions must be part of the patient experience equation. The financial aspect of care should not be put aside, as it is an essential component of a positive patient experience. Navigating the healthcare financial maze can create unnecessary confusion and

3 ways to prioritize pre-service through digital patient engagement

Patient out-of-pocket costs have been trending upward for several years now. High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) account for a whopping 51% of the US workforce today. Now throw the global health crisis into the mix. A year after the initial outbreak, unemployment levels remain stubbornly elevated and one in four adults

3 ways automation can optimize small balance collections

Rising deductibles are shifting medical costs to patients, making it harder for patients to meet their out-of-pocket expenses, and in turn, putting Healthcare Providers at financial risk. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation research, the average annual deductible among covered workers has increased 36% over the last five years and

Automate remittance posting: Crank up your revenues

As the pandemic further compresses margins, Providers are increasingly asking the question: how can we improve the efficiency of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations using technology? One clear possibility is automating Remittance Posting. According to the 2019 CAQH Index, the medical industry spent $6 billion on remittance advice (RA) processing,