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Identify inefficiencies with an MRI scan of your claims operations

What you don’t know about your operations workflows is likely hurting your business. Process mining in healthcare reveals the friction due to workarounds, manual activities, dead ends, handoffs, and disconnects that cost time and money – and points the way toward truly effective solutions for delivering improved experiences at lower

How to stop Medicaid member churn over undeliverable mail

Even in today’s digital-first world, the Department of Human Services (DHS) relies heavily on paper-based mail for public assistance programs such as Medicaid and Food Stamps. States routinely mail pre-populated renewal forms to enrollees who return them to the relevant agency to continue their benefits. Even before the pandemic, a

Digitally Empowered Customer Experience for Health Plans

In today’s unprecedented times, healthcare contact centers need to deliver fluid customer experiences through omnichannel platforms. Service associates must provide relevant and contextual information to assist customers and resolve their issues by leveraging cognitive technologies, advanced analytics, and data management tools with a human touch – all while ensuring compliance.

Visual IVR and Conversational AI: Game changers for healthcare contact centers

The global health crisis continues to change the way patients engage with healthcare organizations. It’s more important now than ever to consider the impact that improved patient experience can have on the bottom line. Traditionally, organizations have viewed the member experience as being limited to the clinical encounter. They are

Global healthcare supply chain company improves TAT by 85%

The challenge: Improve turnaround time and reduce rejected invoices Our client, a private-equity owned healthcare business and data automation company, is on a mission to create an operationally efficient healthcare supply chain. Its technology-based platforms, analytics and solutions, bring industry players together, increasing efficiency and driving down costs across the

Global healthcare supply chain company sees 10X growth in processing volume of purchase orders

The challenge: Meet stringent quality and turnaround times to improve customer experience Our client, a private-equity owned healthcare business and data automation company, empowers healthcare organizations to enable better patient care and maximize industry savings using cloud-based supply chain technology exchange platform, analytics and solutions.. The client helps numerous hospitals

Using Remote Patient Monitoring to Improve Cardiac Care: A 9-Point Checklist

The global health crisis has changed the game for remote patient monitoring. As health systems turn to digital patient engagement to enhance care delivery, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring (RPM) services are emerging as clear winners. The telehealth market will continue to grow at an estimated 40% CAGR through 2025,

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