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How digital debt collection can drive FinTech success

5 ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) improve customer experience Digital transformation has disrupted the financial services sector today, creating two worlds, namely traditional and FinTech. Increasing data-driven trends in FinTech have cut across traditional financial services in banking, equity, and debt collections. Although they are

A race to innovate: Challenger banks vs established players

  The financial services sector has been quick to take the lead in embracing technologies such as AI, machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and data analytics. A Bank of England report last year found that two in every three UK financial services firms are already using machine learning within

Six ways automation helps FinTech debt collection

Six use cases for reducing debt avoidance and driving FinTech debt collection Amid a globally uncertain business environment and heightened regulatory scrutiny, banks, FinTechs, and other lenders are facing relentless pressure to improve debt collections, without escalating recovery costs and time. Current debt recovery solutions still rely largely on manual processes, even

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