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3 CX best practices to drive customer acquisition

The fighting ground for customers has never been so fierce and competitive as today. Customers face significantly fewer issues in online purchasing than they did a few years back, but they are more likely to abandon shopping carts without completing a purchase as attention spans diminish to new lows in

Digital finance is now: Are you ready?

If there’s any such thing as a new normal, digital is it. Digital transformation was already on everyone’s agenda in financial services, but COVID-19 has propelled it to the top of the list. According to Mike Mayo, a securities analyst at Wells Fargo, “what we’re seeing is the greatest acceleration

Moving customer service operations to an at-home model

Moving Customer Service Operations to an At-Home Model Part 1: Overcoming Security Challenges Implementing homeworking for your customer service operations can help ensure business continuity during times of heightened uncertainty. But protecting data from cyberthreats and other technology failures is a top concern for customer service leaders evaluating an at-home

The business case for using insourced teams in contact centers

The business case for using insourced teams in contact centres Managing persistent staffing challenges is an everyday reality for contact centre leaders Fluctuating call volume – perhaps over a weekend or the end of the month Temporary spikes in demand, e.g. from new products, regulations or just seasonal Temporary spikes

Firstsource COVID-19 response

Firstsource’s hybrid infrastructure allowed its employees to rapidly switch from an ‘on-premise’ to a ‘work-from-home’ model in the wake of the pandemic, delivering to SLAs while reducing attrition and shrinkage.

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